10 things to do with tennis balls

Giving a second life to a tennis ball.

Do you have tennis balls at home but you never play this sport? Why not breathe new life into your tennis balls?

10 Tips offers you 10 ideas and tricks to do with tennis balls. Good discovery friends!

1. Protect the floor with tennis balls

Whether at home, in the office or even in a restaurant, you can place a tennis ball under your chair legs. Just gently open a tennis ball and insert the leg inside the ball, simply.

tennis ball for chair legs

2. Clean the pool water

And yes, did you know that it was possible to float tennis balls on the surface of the water in the swimming pool to clean and remove traces of sunscreen and oil? You have to take the time to change the balls about every 5 days to remove everything.

3. A landmark in the garage

You can also use the tennis ball as a marker in a garage to park well. This is done by tying a string to the ceiling and stapling a tennis ball to the bottom. Look at the photo:

cue in the garage with a tennis ball

4. A tennis ball massage

Have you had a little back pain for a few hours? To do this you have to lean against a wall and place a tennis ball between your back and the wall. After a few movements your back pain will be much better.

5. A little secret hiding place

Whatever the reason, if you want to hide a little something why not hide it in a tennis ball? A small incision and you’re done.

6. A dog toy

To amuse and spoil a dog you can hide food in a tennis ball. A small incision is enough to place dog food inside. You can also make this toy for a cat for example.

Hide dog food in a tennis ball

7. Sand round corners

Use a sheet of sandpaper in which you will place a tennis ball. You can then easily sand corners and round surfaces.

8. Remove stains from floors

Have you noticed shoe marks on your kitchen floor or on your hardwood floor in the entrance hall? Take a tennis ball and rub vigorously on the shoe stains. In the end, a completely clean and streak-free floor.

9. A little volume to your clothes

Do you want to give volume to your sheets, duvets and pillows? Just place 2 or 3 tennis balls with your duvet inside the dryer for it to regain its volume.

10. Storage in the office area

Here is another great idea for recovering tennis balls; make storage in the office. Look at the photo below to make your own supports for your desk accessories with tennis balls.

Office storage with tennis balls

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