10 tips against bad looks

I look bad this morning, what should I do? Looking bad is completely normal. It happens to all of us once in a while. Although it’s normal, it’s never pleasant and it’s important to get rid of it.

Otherwise, we feel bad, we feel ugly and we reflect a negative and sick image to others. Here is how to fight against the bad mine.

1. Going out for fresh air, remedy against bad looks

Sometimes we look bad because we stay too locked inside to get depressed. Our complexion turns gray or green, dark circles appear and isolation eats away at us from the inside. In this weather, you have to get dressed and go outside! Walking, moving, breathing and finding a place that calms you down, such as a pretty park on the edge of the water, will give you beautiful colors!

2. Change your look

The goal is not to aim for a total and extreme transformation! But when you look bad, changing a little something about yourself is always good. Highlights, a new haircut, a new dress, whatever! Fixing up a little makes you feel better and definitely look better.

3. See people

When we look bad, we tend to isolate ourselves. Outside, it is rather necessary to surround yourself to clear your mind and to avoidto be depressed! Laughing and talking about everything and nothing will wake you up and give you a little pep! The good energies of others are sometimes very contagious and do a lot of good!

4. Good nutrition and detoxification of the body

If for several months you have a tendency to eat poorly, to eat irregularly and to neglect good foods, it is certain that your body will suffer and you will look bad. To regain color and energy, you will need to eat foods filled with good nutrients, vitamins and minerals and drink plenty of water to properly eliminate toxins from your body.

5. Sunbathe

When you have a green or dull and lifeless complexion, a little sun does no harm! Although the sun is dangerous for the skin, it is also essential for the good health of the human being. The sun is like a vitamin that is good for everyone. So if you look bad and sick, take some sunbathing during the week and it will do you a lot of good. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

6. Take a vacation

Stress and overwork very often give us a bad look. This is why, whenever possible, it is sometimes necessary to drop out and take a vacation. Going away for a few days and putting everything aside is often enough to replenish your energy.

7. Sleep well

Accumulated fatigue, lack of sleep, restless nights or irregular sleep periods greatly exhaust people’s body and psychological health. It is important to get a good night’s sleep and maintain a good sleep pattern. Go to bed at regular times to promote good, restful sleep.

8. Indulge

Sometimes having fun and thinking about yourself before others makes a big difference in your morale. Do you want to offer yourself a little pleasure? A good meal at the restaurant, a trip to the cinema, a nice dress, a new electronic gadget, whatever! Giving yourself a gift and spoiling yourself does a lot of good.

9. Eat chocolate

Even if it’s sometimes psychological, eating chocolate or any other sweet can sometimes lift your spirits, feel good and make you smile. We suddenly have the impression of having a small increase in energy and thus we look less low.

10. Watch comedy movies

To laugh! What better way to bring the bad guy out and lighten his thoughts! Do you look low? Rent funny movies that will make you laugh and let you get away from it all! Laughing always does a lot of good for morale.

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