10 tips against heartache

What to do when your heart hurts?

If you’re pregnant, like alcohol, or are one of the lucky ones with motion sickness, heartache is probably part of your life.

We therefore offer you some medicated or non-medicated advice that has proven itself with fragile stomachs. These are 10 effective tips against heartache!

An effective anti-nausea drug

These are over-the-counter (non-prescription) drugs found on pharmacy shelves. The best known brand is without a doubt Gravol. However, this medication must be taken before vomiting has started.

If you really have a weak stomach, know that these drugs exist in the form of suppositories. Very effective in case of motion sickness.

Ginger for heartache

Ginger is known for its anti-nausea properties. You can enjoy the benefits of ginger by consuming it in capsule form or by boiling a piece of ginger in water and consuming the water afterwards. It is actually a ginger tea. This plant can be consumed after the onset of vomiting. This is a great trick to get rid of heartache quickly.

Several other tips besides ginger can help you feel better: How not to vomit?

A herbal tea against nausea

Do you know mint herbal tea? Did you know that mint helps digestion. You can therefore drink a lukewarm mint herbal tea as soon as the nausea appears. This can be a good way to prevent heart ailments from getting worse.

Eat a pretzel or cracker

Morning sickness is part of the daily life of many pregnant women. Thus, avoid getting out of bed on an empty stomach to prevent vomiting in the morning. To do this, eat a salty soda cracker or a pretzel. This will save you from small morning inconvenience.

Acupuncture, remedy for heartache

Acupuncture treatments provide a number of benefits to their followers including the reduction of nausea during pregnancy. A great way to remove and ward off heartache.

Rest against heartaches

Nausea is often worse when we are tired. So, as soon as you feel the aches appearing, take a breath of fresh air and lie down. You will considerably reduce the intensity of your nausea simply by taking rest.

Drink a thyme infusion

A thyme infusion has antiemetic properties, that is to say against nausea and vomiting. Infuse 15g of thyme per liter of boiling water and drink 3 cups a day for 3 days before a trip and you won’t have motion sickness. An infusion of linden leaves also has the same effects against heartache, especially in the morning.

Eat in small amounts

If you are recovering from an episode of gastroenteritis and want to avoid new heart words, avoid overloaded meals. Prefer light but more frequent meals to avoid a new episode of heartache.

Don’t leave on an empty stomach

If you must take an early morning car trip, avoid leaving on an empty stomach. Eat a light lunch to avoid accentuating the nausea associated with motion sickness.

Avoid strong odors

If your nausea is due to your pregnancy, avoid as much as possible the strong smells of food, household products, perfumes as well as those of smoke because these smells contribute to accentuate nausea and vomiting in pregnant women.

As heartache in pregnant women is something frequent and even constant for some, it is important to do everything possible to keep nausea out of your daily life!

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