10 tips against poison ivy

Watch out for poison ivy this summer!

Poison ivy is a real problem in some places. It is therefore important to be very careful with this weed this summer.

To reduce the itching and other inconveniences related to poison ivy, here are 10 tips against poison ivy.

1. Cucumber against poison ivy

A home remedy for itching associated with poison ivy consists of applying slices of cucumbers. You can also make a cucumber puree, even more effective and above all faster.

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2. Oats and a bath

And yes, the oatmeal bath can greatly help you if you have severe itching and even a rash from poison ivy. To do this, you need to grind your oats into a powder and then place the powder in a nylon stocking. Let the bath tap water run over the nylon stocking. Excellent against the harmful effects of poison ivy.

3. A little lemon juice

Many people use this trick to avoid poison ivy itch. Just quickly apply lemon juice to where the poison ivy has rubbed into the skin.

4. Aloe against poison ivy

It’s no longer a secret that aloe quickly relieves the burning sensation. But that’s not all, aloe gel can greatly help if there is an eruption related to poison ivy. It is an excellent anti poison ivy.

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5. Cold water

It’s simple, but it’s so true! Simply washing the body affected by poison ivy will greatly minimize the effects of itching. So as soon as you touch down, run quickly to rinse your hands, arms or legs.

6. Don’t scratch!

Above all, do not scratch the skin, even if the itching is unbearable! All it can do is make your situation worse and cause infections.

7. A little Calamine

And yes, to help reduce itching and even skin secretions, you can buy Calamine in pharmacies. This will greatly help your situation! Calamine is really excellent against the effects of poison ivy.

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8. Wash clothes

If there has been contact between your clothes and poison ivy, it is very important to wash your clothes thoroughly, and do this several times.

9. Take care of your pet

If your pet, be it a cat or a dog, rubs itself on poison ivy and seems to be itchy, you should wash and rinse it quickly. Repeat as needed!

10. Consult a doctor

If the symptoms seem really too intense, do not hesitate to consult a doctor or other health professionals in your area. Prevention is better than cure!

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