10 tips against rust stains on clothes

How to remove a rust stain from fabric?

When you have a piece of clothing or any fabric that you love, it’s sad to discover a rust stain! Rust is hard to remove from clothing but not impossible with our tips and tricks!

10 Tips offers you below all the tips and products to remove a rust stain from a garment. Happy cleaning!

1. Lemon juice and salt against rust on fabric

remove rust from clothing with lemon juice and salt

How about trying a grandma’s trick of lemon juice and salt to start? This trick is effective in removing a rust stain from clothing.

For this anti-rust tip you will need:

  • Pour lemon juice on the rust stain to soak it well.
  • Add a pinch of salt directly to the stain.
  • Leave to act for a few seconds and rub the rust stain with a cloth or a soft brush.
  • Then add laundry soap and water and scrub again.
  • Rinse the garment to finish with cold water.

And now the rust stain on the garment should now be completely gone.

This trick is effective for a multitude of stains, but other tricks are also effective. Come quickly read this article: Removing a stubborn stain from clothing.

2. Rust remover for garment and fabric

Before continuing with other tips why not turn directly to a rust remover for fabric? There are several of these rust removers specifically designed to remove this type of stain from fabric.

For very stubborn rust stains on fabric use one of these products and your rust stain will disappear quickly and easily.

But be careful because some anti-rust products are very powerful and can therefore damage fabrics and clothing, so be careful before using them.

Here is a product available on Amazon that can remove rust stains from fabrics such as synthetic, silk, cotton, wool and many others.

Fabric Rust Remover

Fabric Rust Remover

  • Great rust stain remover.
  • Anti-rust and anti-oxidation product
  • Cleans any type of fabric.

3. Remove rust from clothing with an onion

remove rust stains from leather with an onion

Another grandmother’s remedy for removing rust from laundry is to use an onion… Yes, did you know this rust-proofing tip?

Of course, this anti-stain tip is effective only on leather or imitation leather clothing. You just have to cut the onion in half and rub the rust stain to clean everything. We then finish by cleaning the leather with a damp cloth. A super simple, fast, effective and above all free anti-rust tip.

If you are looking for other anti-rust tips for other surfaces, it’s here: How to remove rust?

4. Oxalic acid on white wool

Have you ever heard of or even used oxalic acid at home? Often used to brighten old wooden furniture or exotic woods, sorrel salt is also an excellent rust remover on white wool.

But be careful, it is important to use this product only on white wool, otherwise you risk discoloring your garment in addition to damaging it.

To be really certain why not test this product on a small invisible surface of the wool and then on the rust stain!

5. Lemon and hot water for a rust stain

Another homemade recipe for removing rust from clothes and fabrics is to use a mixture of lemon, hot water and ammonia. Here are the steps:

  • Boil water in a saucepan.
  • Suspend the rust-stained fabric above the water.
  • Add a few drops of lemon to the rust stain.
  • Rinse the fabric in water mixed with ammonia.
  • Finish with machine cleaning.

In the end, the rust stain will have completely disappeared from the fabric.

6. Sommières earth to remove a rust stain

Another product to remove rust stains from clothing or other flexible or rigid surfaces is the earth of sommières. Do you know this product?

Widely used and popular for removing grease stains, the Terre de Sommières is also very effective as a dry stain remover and therefore against rust stains. Of course it is preferable to test the product on a small inconspicuous area to be sure not to damage anything during cleaning.

Land of Sommieres

Land of Sommieres

  • Super dry stain remover
  • Cleans a multitude of stains
  • Cleans all textiles and materials

7. Bleach to remove rust

bleach to remove rust stains from clothes

Another very simple and effective trick against rust on clothing is to use the stain-removing power of bleach. Of course you have to be careful with the use of bleach because this product may discolor the fabric if it is not white.

So if your fabric is white and not synthetic, washing it with bleach should remove the rust stain. Be careful not to use this anti-rust trick on colored clothes.

8. Vinegar and Baking Soda

If you like to try new tricks then here is another one based on white vinegar and baking soda. An effective and fast trick against rust on linen and fabric.

  • Soak the rust stain with white vinegar.
  • Rub the stain with a soft cloth or brush.
  • Sprinkle with baking soda and leave to act.
  • Finish with a machine wash.

A very effective cleaning tip on many fabrics but also on various rust-stained surfaces. Don’t have baking soda? No problem, we offer you some below directly on Amazon for super fast delivery!

Baking soda

Baking soda

  • To clean everything naturally
  • Cleans rust stains on fabric
  • Top quality price

9. Rhubarb against rust?

rhubarb to remove rust stains from fabrics

A very surprising and even crazy trick is to use rhubarb to remove rust stains from clothes and other fabrics. To do this you must:

  • Wash and peel rhubarb stalks.
  • Cut the stalks into pieces and pass them through the blender.
  • Put the puree on the rust stain (generously).
  • Leave on the stain for a few hours.

To finish cleaning, go to the washing machine in cold water. In the end, no more traces of rust on your favorite garment.

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