10 tips against stomach ache

How to relieve stomach pain?

Stomach ache is often caused by bloating, cramps, diarrhea, and more. We do not feel well, tense and this affects our morale and our daily activities.

However, whether it is due to constipation, diarrhea or indigestion, there are fortunately several ways to treat yourself but also to avoid these stomach aches. Do you regularly suffer from stomach aches? Here are our tips and tricks against stomach ache.

Tips and remedies for a stomach ache:

1. Prune juice to get rid of stomach ache

If your stomach ache is caused by constipation, drink prune juice! Indeed, it is a great way to add fiber to your diet, because prunes contain a lot of it.

Take a small glass morning and evening, and you will quickly be relieved. If the taste and texture put you off, dilute it with a little water and drink while pinching your nose. This will lessen the taste.

You could also add some prunes to your diet, as well as dried apricots. Be careful not to abuse it in this form, because dried fruits contain a lot of sugar.

Probiotics to prevent constipation and bloating

As mentioned above, if your stomach aches are caused by constipation why not take probiotics?

Probiotics 30 billion

Probiotics 30 billion

  • Prevents bloating, constipation and diarrhea
  • Gastro-resistant capsules
  • Strengthens the immune system

2. Drink water to avoid stomach ache

One of the reasons behind constipation, is lack of hydration. So start your day with a large glass of water and be sure to drink at least 1 liter a day to stay hydrated.

Drinking a liter of water every day will facilitate your intestinal transit. An excellent trick to avoid stomach aches.

3. Walking to fight stomach ache

Being more active will help you digest better and avoid constipation. Taking walks will help you digest while having better intestinal transit, which will prevent stomach aches.

Every day, take walks of 20 to 30 minutes to avoid stomach pain.

4. Fruits and vegetables to prevent stomach ache

Fresh fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and will help improve your bowel movement. In addition, by choosing fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of water (cucumber, watermelon, etc.), you will increase your hydration level, which will help to cure your constipation.

The best cure for stomach aches is to improve your diet. Reduce fats and sugars and increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables, as well as fiber. Soon you will no longer suffer from indigestion or constipation.

5. Avoid coffee if you have a stomach ache

When you have a stomach ache, don’t drink coffee! Indeed, coffee could make your cramps worse. Opt instead for a herbal tea with calming and antispasmodic properties, such as chamomile, or drink plain water at room temperature.

Stay away from any beverage that is sweet or contains lactose. Clear liquids are always preferred in case of stomach pain or indigestion.

6. Reduce salt to reduce bloating

Do you eat a lot of foods high in salt? Because it causes water retention, salt contributes greatly to bloating.

Reduce your salt intake, especially by avoiding ultra-processed foods. If you are used to adding a lot of salt when you cook, opt instead for spices and herbs that will give just as much flavor to your preparations, without the harmful effects of salt.

7. Grandma’s trick to make stomach ache go away

Do you like grandma’s tips, tricks and remedies? Do you have baking soda at home? Well did you know that baking soda really has many uses around the house, one of which is to help with digestion.

Pour some baking soda into a tall glass of warm water and drink it slowly. You will have less gas and less bloating.

Plus, you’ll have less gastric reflux thanks to this grandmother’s remedy for stomach ache made with baking soda.

8. Eat small meals to avoid stomach ache

Do you usually eat big meals and eat quickly? If your digestive system is slow, it would be better to eat several small meals throughout the day, instead of 3 large meals.

Thus, your stomach will be less loaded, and it will be easier to digest. You will also have less bloating and therefore less stomach ache by eating smaller meals spread throughout the day.

9. A hot water bottle to relieve stomach pain

For stomach cramps caused by menstruation or constipation, apply a hot water bottle or heating pad to your stomach, lie down and relax. This is one of the best tips for period stomach pain.

If you don’t have a hot water bottle or heating pad, toss a thick towel in the dryer for a few minutes. Then, wrap it around your belly and take the time to rest.

For muscle cramps or those caused by menstruation, a hot bath can also help relieve them.

10. Some plants to relieve stomach ache

Some plants have the necessary properties to treat indigestion, stomach aches and other gastric problems. They are therefore natural tricks for stomach ache in general. Here are some to have in your pharmacy:


mint is very useful in case of bad digestion, bloating and gastric reflux. To cure indigestion, infuse a few leaves of spearmint or peppermint in a cup of very hot water, and drink slowly.


German chamomile has calming and antispasmodic properties, which will be of great help to you if you suffer from intestinal cramps. It may even relieve cramps caused by menstruation.


Ginger is recognized for its beneficial effects on digestion, more particularly to fight nausea. But it will be just as useful in case of intestinal cramps. Ginger can be consumed in different forms, including fresh, dried, and even candied.

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