10 tips and advice to become Miss France

Do you want to participate in the Miss France contest?

If you love the world of beauty, fashion shows, beauty contests and above all would like to proudly wear the crown of the prettiest girl, chances are you would like become Miss France!

If this is your dream, here are some good tips to achieve your goals!

1. Do not pose naked to achieve your dream of Miss France

You will not be able to participate in this beauty contest if you have already posed nude (or partially nude)! So if you ever plan to enter the contest, don’t take too daring pictures!

2. Have real hair and healthy eyes

Indeed, to become Miss France you cannot wear contact lenses, glasses or even have a wig or extensions! So be natural and take care of your eyes!

3. No tattoos or piercings

A very discreet light tattoo will be tolerated as well as pierced ears. On the other hand, don’t have any other part of your breakthrough body and forget the tattoos!

4. Prefer celibacy!

And yes! If you are married, divorced, widowed or have children, you will not be able to register for the Miss France contest! So stay single or just have a lover without an official commitment.

5. Not getting plastic surgery

We want our all natural beauties! So to be able to participate in Miss France, do not resort to any cosmetic surgery whatsoever! Unless of course it’s reconstructive surgery.

6. Above all, do not smoke

You have the right to be a smoker (even if of course it will harm your physical beauty and your good health), but it is imperative that no one sees you smoking in public! House rules for this type of beauty pageant!

7. Be polite and friendly with other participants

And yes! You will be more noticed and liked if you are polite, courteous and warm with other girls! This is also a very popular selection criterion for the Miss France contest and other Miss contests around the world.

8. Have a good look

You should be elegant, graceful, have very well-groomed hair and nails and wear clean, neat and classic clothes. This is what it takes to become Miss France.

9. Having a beautiful smile is important!

You should always have a beautiful smile. Be cheerful, smiling, warm and always demonstrating a beautiful personality.

10. Register via the contest site

Do you feel ready to register to try to win the crown? Well, see you now on the miss-iledefrance.fr website! You will be able to send your application and learn about all the details of the competition!

These tips and advice to become Miss France can be useful no matter what Miss contest you want to participate in…Even for Miss World!

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