10 tips for a happy retirement

What to do in retirement to be happy?

Retirement is a time when you can afford to think about yourself. An ideal moment in life to do good, to spoil yourself and to live happy and peaceful years.

People experience their retirements differently from each other, but some things could be a good starting point for everyone. 10 Tips offers below several tips and advice for a happy retirement!

1. Discover new things during the retreat

Retirement is the perfect time to learn and discover new things and who knows to discover new passions. Indeed, retirement is the time to discover or try things that you never had the chance to do before!

Whether it’s new places, new activities, new sports, new hobbies, being retired means setting off on an adventure and discovering new passions.

2. Keep busy despite retirement

Retirement can be scary for many people! The fear of not knowing what to do with one’s time is one of the major concerns of newly retired men and women.

Above all, you should not see your retirement as a moment in your life when you no longer do anything. Rest and relaxed moments doing nothing, yes of course! But you also have to stay busy! Do you plan things! Buy yourself an agenda and plan activities to do during the week.

A happy retirement is about enjoying beautiful things and relaxing, but also about keeping busy and continuing to meet people on a daily basis.

3. Reconnect with people you love

Why not take advantage of the free time that retirement brings you to reconnect with the people you love or have appreciated during your life?

If you are looking for the best tools to search for a childhood friend or someone you crossed paths with, this guide is the answer: How to search for a person?

Indeed we often lose sight of people we love simply because everyone is so busy every day with family and work. When you retire, it’s time to see old acquaintances and especially to make the most of your family.

If you have small children take time for them and with them. In addition to pleasing their parents, you will make your grandchildren very happy by spending quality time with them and only them.

4. You are retired… Treat yourself!

A happy retiree and a happy retiree must spoil themselves. You’ve been waiting a good part of your life for this moment haven’t you? So why not treat yourself now that you can!

Indeed, in retirement, it is good to spoil yourself. Spoiling yourself does not only mean spending all your money, quite the contrary. It’s also about doing things for yourself… Only for yourself! To have fun, to simply spoil it. You have certainly spent your life thinking about others, now it’s your turn, it’s YOUR retirement!

5. Go on an adventure… On a trip!

I’m sure you’ve always wanted to go on an adventure or at least go on a trip, right?

So if the means allow you, try to escape, to leave for a few days or better still a few weeks. Go on a trip, on a walk, discover the world, even if it’s the small world that surrounds you. Going on an adventure is also retirement”

6. Get involved in the community

Paying it forward, donating your time, helping out… Here’s a way to feel good, useful and happy when you’re retired. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities if you take the time to look around you.

The Lion Club you know? Present everywhere in the world, in practically all cities, the Lion Club is a social aid organization that comes to the aid of the community. Inquire with your municipality or visit the Lions Clubs website to discover the list of all the clubs present in the world.

7. Exercise

Keeping in shape is extremely important especially at the age you are now retired. It’s hard to have a happy retirement if you’re not healthy, isn’t it?

Your body needs to move. You need to take care of your own body envelope. Get fit and energized through physical activity. You don’t need to join a gym, a simple walk of 30 minutes or better an hour every day is enough to stay in shape.

Of course it is also important to pay attention to your diet especially when you are retired, retired.

8. Establish a financial plan in retirement

A happy retirement necessarily involves the financial aspect as well. Whether we like to talk about it or not, money is at the heart of a happy retirement.

So to avoid having debts, to take advantage of your money and to manage your monetary assets well, plan to establish a financial budget in line with the next few years. So you won’t run out of money and you’ll have enough to do what you want throughout your retirement.

9. Activities to do in retirement

In retirement there are a multitude of activities you can do and undertake. So what to do in retirement to be happy? Here are some ideas of activities that could certainly interest you and keep you busy as a new retiree:

  • Indulge in reading
  • Learn to work with wood
  • Find a small part-time job
  • Develop the garden and the backyard into a little corner of paradise
  • Volunteer in your community
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Indulge in painting

10. Take time for yourself, to rest

In retirement, you have to take advantage of the time that passes, keep busy and see people. But you also have to think about yourself. Rest, relax and sleep in (once in a while!)

It is quite normal to wonder what to do in retirement, but you should not exaggerate either. it’s a new stage in your life that is beginning, so why not take some time to get to grips with retirement. Why not take some time just for yourself, to rest and relax.

You now have all the time you want, but above all, rest and think about all those years of work you have just completed. It’s important to take stock of your life and where you are headed.

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