10 tips for a squeaky door

How to stop a door from squeaking? Squeaky doors also make your teeth cringe AHAH. Not only are they unpleasant to hear, but creaking doors also wake up children who are sleeping peacefully.

I offer you my own tips and tricks to put an end to a squeaky door!

1. Grease a squeaky door without unhinging it

Oil for a squeaky door

You don’t have to unhinge a squeaky door just to keep it from squeaking and making noise when it opens and closes. Vegetable oil is an easy trick to keep a door from squeaking!

  • Just run a drizzle of olive oil or other vegetable oils on the hinges of the door. Be careful not to spill too much.
  • A small amount on squeaky hinges should be more than enough to fix your door squeaking problem without unhinging it.

Use paraffin oil!

If you have paraffin oil at home you can also use it to prevent your doors from squeaking. This oil is very effective, perhaps even more so than olive oil since it seems to stay in place longer.

2. Vaseline as an anti-squeak for a door

If you don’t have any olive oil or talc at home then why not use the Vaseline that’s just lying around in the bottom of the drawer?

Here’s how to pull off this anti-squeak trick:

  • Open the door wide to clear the hinges
  • Take your fingers or a brush and apply Vaseline along the hinge
  • Open and close the door several times to allow the petroleum jelly to penetrate

You can also use Vaseline oil!

Oh yes, I forgot, you can also buy Vaseline oil which will be even more effective as an anti-squealing solution. What’s great is that this paraffin-based product lubricates and protects against corrosion and oxidation.

3. Talcum powder on the squeaky door hinge

Talcum powder is a product that can indeed be useful to prevent the hinges of a door from squeaking.

Just sprinkle a little talcum powder on the hinges and hinges of the door to prevent it from squeaking. No need to unhinge the door with this trick.

You can also use this talc stuff for squeaky handles. Do not forget to open and close the door several times so that the talc enters all the cracks of the hinges and hinges.

4. Dry soap on squeaky hinges

soap for a squeaky door

Another effective and easy trick for a squeaky door is to use bar soap (dry soap) or bar soap if you prefer.

  • Slightly wet the bar of soap and rub the door hinges and hinges.
  • Open and close the door several times and scrub again with the soap.
  • Take a paper towel and remove the excess soap from the hinges and the door.

Repeat this trick each time the door starts to squeak again, either after a few weeks or months.

5. Spray anti-seize to prevent squeaking

A product that you can buy online or at a hardware store is the spray penetrant. This penetrating product:

  • Quickly eliminates squeaks.
  • Helps wick away moisture.
  • Easily loosens rusty parts.
  • Cleans and protects parts and accessories.

Of course, one of the most popular penetrating products is undoubtedly WD-40. You can easily find it at hardware stores, supermarkets and online.

6. Clean the door hinges with White Spirit

If after trying all our tips the door still squeaks then maybe it’s time to clean the hinges and hinges of the door.

Rust, old paint and dirt can clog the door opening and closing mechanism, so a thorough cleaning may be necessary.

Unhinge the door to clean it well!

It is best to disassemble and unhinge the door to clean the hinges and hinges with white spirit.

As this product is a solvent which can be powerful, it is better to protect the floor, the door and other nearby surfaces and furniture so as not to damage them with the solvent.

Soak the hinges and hinges:

  • For very dirty door hinges and hinges, you can soak them in the solvent for a few hours before rubbing and drying them.
  • Once well cleaned and dry, simply replace the hinges and the door.

No more squeaks with this trick!

7. Very rusty hinges, what to do?

If the door hinges are very rusty, you can clean the hinge pin with sandpaper. Just rub the hinges with the sandpaper to remove as much rust as possible.

Once this step is complete, clean everything and protect the hinges and hinges with a cloth soaked in petroleum jelly or simply grease.

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