10 tips for a successful Christmas Eve

Are you having Christmas Eve at home this year?

When we organize a Christmas Eve, all we want is for everything to go well and for everyone to be happy! We want people to have fun and leave with good memories of this beautiful Christmas evening.

For a successful Christmas Evehere are 10 tips not to forget in order to ensure that all guests have a great evening.

Massive food for Christmas Eve

People like to eat well but also to snack! Appetizers, appetizers, dishes filled with chips, candies and chocolates, a good big dinner, dessert… These are things you need to think about to organize Christmas Eve!


Here we refer to all kinds of drinks! Alcoholic drink and soft drink too! You can make drinks with and without alcohol! You can have hard liquor, appetizers, digestives and even beer. You can also offer other forms of beverages such as juice and pop.

Don’t forget to pack your holiday punch! You can opt for a non-alcoholic punch so that everyone can drink your punch on New Year’s Eve.

Drinks for children at Christmas

Children will very often be thirsty! So you can have fruit juices, milk and even soft drinks on hand. You can also concoct smoothies or juice cocktails for them on Christmas Eve.

Good music for New Year’s Eve

The music is very much responsible for the atmosphere at a party! So plan for good music and above all, vary your plots! In other words, don’t just put on Christmas music! And if not, vary the kinds of Christmas music (gospel, classical, country, etc.). Also add popular music to keep guests dancing throughout the evening.

No dead time

Downtime puts guests to sleep and creates discomfort! So always plan alternatives in case of downtime. Games, food, cocktails, surprises and more! This is the secret to a perfect Christmas Eve at home this year.

Tons of games for Christmas Eve

Kids will love playing games! And adults too! You just need to find games that are great fun, uncomplicated, not awkward, and don’t take too much time. Better to play 3 little games rather than just one that never ends! To add a little more spice to these games, you could also give small gifts to those who win.

Fun for the kids

At one time or another, children may be bored on Christmas Eve. It will then be necessary to find a good trick to distract them. It can be a game, a drawing contest, an outdoor activity or a Christmas stocking filled with little surprises!

Christmas Eve should be magical, for both adults and children. Never forget it!

alcohol control

Since we are dealing here with tips for a successful Christmas Eve, then it must be mentioned that people who drink too much are sometimes sick, intimidating to others, angry, etc. To prevent the party from darkening, you can try to keep some control over the alcohol. Serve enough, but not too much or hide your bottles at the end of the evening to avoid abuse from some guests.

Photos from Christmas Eve

You certainly won’t want to forget all those beautiful Christmas memories! So don’t forget to take as many pictures as possible! Very important!

Happy guests are important

For a successful Christmas Eve, always make sure your guests are well and happy. But don’t forget yourself either! You too should enjoy it! And even if you could have a companion with you to support you in your tasks as host or hostess, that would be even better!

The entire 10-trucs.com team wishes you a very happy holiday season and a merry Christmas!

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