10 tips for apologizing

Do you have something to be forgiven for?

When we have done wrong or made a mistake, we of course want to be forgiven. But forgiveness is not granted as easily as one would like.

Do you want someone to forgive you, but you don’t know how? So here are some little tips that could help you receive that long-awaited forgiveness..

1. Apologizing is the starting point!

Of course, the best way to be forgiven is of course to apologize! These apologies must be sincere and felt. It’s also a good way to admit your wrongdoing.

2. Admit your mistakes to be forgiven

Admitting your mistakes shows that you don’t just throw excuses into the air. It is an act of courage that demonstrates that we have grasped the evil or the error that we have made. This makes it easier for the other to forgive and regain confidence in you.

3. Explain things

Explaining to the other the reason that pushed you to act in this way will allow him to better understand the situation. This makes it easier for him or her to forgive you.

4. Evoke your fears

Don’t show yourself above everything. Share the fear you have of no longer regaining the trust of the other. Express your sadness and unease. Don’t be afraid to put emotions on words and facts.

5. Be patient… Then be forgiven!

It will be important to demonstrate to the other that he does not have to forgive you immediately. That he can take his time to think about it. That you understand and are willing to wait as long as it takes.

6. Having a bit of humor can help!

At the very end of course and never before, you can conclude with a humorous little sentence that will lighten the whole thing. But it should not be moved. It should also be a sentence that refers to a good time or a beautiful memory.

7. Attempt several attempts at forgiveness

It is important to leave time for the other person, as we said above. But if after a long time you haven’t heard anything, try a little approach (which doesn’t put pressure). Just to show your interest, your boredom and the importance of the situation.

8. Send a small gift to make up for it

It could be a nice way to show you’re sorry, and it’ll be a nice touch that might make the other person smile.

9. Write a poem

The poem will touch the other person. It will be a touching and sincere poem that will not leave anyone indifferent.

10. Redeem to be forgiven

If you made a mistake, you can try to fix it. It will be a great gesture and it will undoubtedly be very helpful for the other person.

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