10 tips for becoming a superhero

Your biggest dream is to become a superhero?

Do superheroes inspire you as much in your dreams as in everyday life? Would you like to become a superhero and are you ready to do anything to get there? Well here are some basic rules that will allow you to become one! Follow these 10 golden rules and you will become the ultimate super hero on planet earth! Superman will just have to go get dressed!

1. Find the right pantyhose!

Go quickly rummage through the drawers of your wife, your mother, your grandmother or your neighbor and quickly find yourself some pantyhose stockings! They will be the very basis of your awesome costume! But little advice: avoid pink tights, at least!

2. Find his superhero name

Good there, you will have to be original! You can choose a superhero name that will still end in “man” or “woman” or you can innovate and find another kind of name! Whatever you choose, it should represent the type of superhero you are!

3. Take on a mission

Well there you have to save someone’s life! But how to get there! Well you will have to be attentive and have an open eye! If not saving someone’s life, you can at least help people in all sorts of ways! Be the citizens’ Good Samaritan and help them! You can also save the life of a small animal in distress, a small goldfish or even an insect stuck between two panes of glass! All means are good to save life and become a superhero!

4. Build muscle

Go train quickly to become strong, fast and full of energy! You may need to carry people, lift cars and more! You will need muscles to be a super hero!

5. Create a donation

What could be this gift that you would have? Being able to teleport! To become invisible! To have superhuman strength! To have super magical powers! Whatever gift you want to acquire, it will be essential to your new life as a superhero! To acquire these gifts, eat all your vegetables! Take super vitamins in the shape of the characters of the Firestones and eat spinach! It makes you strong!

6. Have a special mask

Of course, you will have to be an anonymous superhero! To do this, you will have to create a mask! It can be a mask in the shape of an animal, a robot, a magician or come from a completely new concept! It should allow you to see well and breathe well! Don’t forget to leave an opening in your mouth so you can breathe, eat and of course receive sweet kisses from the young women in distress you will save!

7. Find accessories

Will you need accessories for combat, defense, movement, etc.? Great climbing ropes, nets, boomerangs…

8. Make yourself known

Even if you will work in anonymity, you will have to make known to society the super hero that you are! To do this, film yourself doing impressive feats and stunts in your garden. Rescue your cat caught in the tree and capture these images on camera. In short, try to film all your great super hero exploits and post these video images on Youtube, Facebook or any other social network.

9. Have a super car

Transform your car into a super hero super car! Put stickers, lights, flames in cardboard paper… in short, everything to have a super car that won’t get in trouble with the police!

10. Finding Enemies

Every good superhero unfortunately has Machiavellian enemies who hate him! So find yourself dark and evil enemies and destroy their plans to blow up the earth!

Team 10 Tips,

10 tips for becoming a superhero

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