10 tips for being a princess

Become a princess? Why not!

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a beautiful princess? As fabulous and enchanting as in fairy tales! Almost every girl in the world has dreamed of living this kind of life!

So ladies, know that we have only one life to live so why not become a princess right now!? To help you achieve your dream, here are 10 tips for being a princess!

1. Have a royal style

The princess of old was feminine, romantic and full of sparkle. Long, curly hair, beautiful big dresses, sparkles…it was all there! To be a princess, rather choose the beautiful dresses, have long hair and do not limit yourself in hair accessories! Bows, sparkles, ribbons and flowers will be perfect in your hair! Also wear beautiful big shiny jewelry!

2. Have good manners

The princess is polite, courteous, smiling, kind and sociable. She always has good manners and looks good in front of people. She does not shout and never gets angry in public.

3. Know how to sing well

Princesses (at least Disney ones) are known to love to sing! Not only do they love singing, but they also have beautiful voices! If you want to be an enchanting princess, sing and wait for the birds to come and sing with you!

4. Having a mean mother-in-law

The princess is often unloved by one of the proud and jealous old ladies around her. So to have an enemy against whom your prince can defend you, make yourself hated by a woman around you!

5. Find your prince charming

Who says princess says prince charming! Quickly find yourself a man who is romantic, chivalrous, handsome, tall, strong, romantic, courageous, loyal and… in short, hope for a miracle! No, but all the same ladies, at least try to find the man who comes closest to the handsome Prince Charming! Ah yes! And he must have good manners!

6. Live in a castle like a princess

It’s hard to live in a castle these days! On the other hand, you can still transform your house or apartment into a beautiful royal residence! To do this, choose a decoration of the medieval style, the Renaissance, Louis-XV or any other era where there were princes and princesses!

7. Have beautiful white horses

Again, in our time, not everyone can afford to have horses. You will therefore have to adopt beautiful large white dogs with long, soft and straight hair! Your dog should look great! He must be obedient, have a nice outfit, have his head held high and be almost haughty. Otherwise, you can find the same kind of dog, but on the contrary, the faithful and protective dog of the princess. Her best friend with whom she can dance, sing, play, confide and even cry! Also, don’t forget to give your dog a royal look! A beautiful golden medal or a big buckle, why not?

8. Choose your personality

You can choose to be the sweet princess with a heart of gold. The one who will be devoted to others, who will not be haughty and who will have great humanitarian values ​​in her. Otherwise, you can also choose to be the grumpy, snobbish, impatient, selfish and angry princess! This one, we like her much less and her stories often tend to end badly!

9. Have servants

Good or bad, princesses always have minions by their side. But how do you find servants these days? Engage your children! Engage the little neighbors! Make them do some tasks for you and they will be very happy to get silver coins, gold (chocolate) coins or any other reward afterwards! And of course we are not talking about exploitation here! We are talking about paying for a service! Your teenagers would also make very good servants! Provided, of course, that you have a dungeon in the basement!

10. Have a wizard by your side

Princesses often have a kind sorcerer or magician near them in order to predict the future or perform rituals that will bring them more things (protection, wealth, glory, love, etc.) . Find yourself a wise friend who practices, among other things, white magic, cartomancy, reading the stars and more! You will have a great ally by your side!

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