10 tips for creating a relaxing bath at home

Take a nice relaxing bath, yes I do!

Relaxing baths are real little moments filled with sweetness that allow you to relax while being warm. After a hard day, there’s nothing like treating yourself to this type of relaxation at home, in peace.

To help you relax as much as possible, here is 10 tips that will help you find relaxation and happiness by creating a relaxing bath at home.

1. An effervescent bath bomb

What to put in your bath? Bath fizzies are a great way to relax in the bath after a long day. It is possible to make an effervescent bomb yourself using essential oil and baking soda for example. You will find several tutorials and guides online that explain how to make a bath bomb.

You can also buy bath bombs online at very good prices. Here is a set of 6 effervescent balls for a relaxing bath every time! This bath bomb set features scents of lavender, rosemary, cinnamon, rose, lemongrass, and chamomile.

2. Flavored candle, the perfect accessory for a relaxing bath

Who says relaxation, relaxation and pleasure necessarily says candlelight! Indeed, lighting candles when you are in the bath allows for better relaxation and relaxation.

The light is less strong and it is easier to rest in the warm water of the bath. And if you also use soothing fragrances, you will feel relaxed and so much more relaxed. You don’t have to overdo it to create a relaxing bath at home.

10 Tips offers you below a set of quality and 100% natural scented candles:

Scented candle

Scented candle

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3. A little soft music for absolute relaxation

Who says relaxation and relaxation also says soft music! Indeed, soft music is a great way to relax in a bath after a long day at work.

You close your eyes, concentrate on its sweet notes and travel through it. You can also choose relaxation music or sounds of nature for a relaxing and relaxing bath to the maximum.

Spotify and Youtube have several playlists of relaxation and spa-style music. The ideal music to relax as much as possible in your bath.

So to create a free, soft and calm playlist for your next relaxing bath, it’s over here: Find free music.

4. Lavender essential oil for a relaxing bath

Many fragrances also allow you to rest better in the bath. Choose lavender essential oil in particular for a relaxing bath. In addition, your skin will then be very soft and very silky.

Lavender bath oil

Lavender bath oil

  • Very rich in lavender essential oil
  • Soothing and relaxing effect
  • Perfect oil for relaxing in a bath

4. Relaxing bath salt for the bath

Bath salt is good for the skin and relaxation. It will bring that little something extra that will make your bath even more soothing, relaxing and wonderful.

You can even buy salt from the Dead Sea or the Himalayan range online to put in your bath water for the most complete relaxation. Or a very simple salt with vanilla, eucalyptus, orange or even raspberry aroma. 10 Tips offers below quality bath salt at the best price:

For complete relaxation and to reduce your stress level after a long day, we have another bath salt to offer you. Here is the eucalyptus bath salt, ideal for rest and relaxation.

eucalyptus bath salt

eucalyptus bath salt

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  • Bathing with aromatic salt helps to eliminate fatigue and relax.


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    7. A rose petal bath

    Are you one of those who loves the sweet scent of roses? Well why not take a bath filled with rose petals tonight? Here’s how to prepare this relaxing bath at home:

    • Take ten rose petals and boil them in 1 liter of water.
    • Wait a few hours so that the petals have macerated well and filter everything.
    • Then add 1 liter of skimmed milk and 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil.
    • Pour everything into your hot bath to finish.

    With this rose petal bath your skin will be hydrated, soft and radiant in addition to being well rested.

    Take a lavender bath

    Much like the principle of the rose bath, you can also take a relaxing bath with lavender. Here’s how:

    • Macerate 60 grams of lavender flowers in 1 liter of water.
    • Wait about thirty minutes, filter and let everything cool.
    • Then pour the preparation into your bath water and you will be completely relaxed!

    8. Prepare a milk and honey treat

    Here is another relaxing recipe for your next relaxing bath at home. For this trick you need:

    Here are the steps for the preparation of this relaxing bath:

    • Run your bath and add 5 handfuls of epsom salt to it, stirring the bath water well.
    • Heat 1 liter of milk and add 1 cup of honey to it.
    • Mix and pour into the bath.

    You will now have a real feeling of softness in your bath. An ideal homemade recipe for a relaxing and relaxing bath.

    In addition to being relaxing, this tip also helps you get a good night’s sleep. Here is an article about it: Grandma’s remedy for sleeping at night.

    9. Use a bath pillow

    For those who really want to relax in a bath, the solution is the bath ear! There are many models of bathtub cushion so to help you 10-trucs.com offers you below a popular model at a great price!

    bath pillow

    bath pillow

    • Relaxation and comfort guaranteed
    • Extra strong suction cups
    • Head, shoulder and neck comfort
    • TOP quality price

    This will allow you to place your head at the height that is most comfortable for you. Thanks to this bath pillow you will be able to have a better position and thus allow you a better relaxation.

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