10 tips for curing a cold sore

How to get rid of a cold sore quickly?

Cold sores come without warning and make us feel like we’re no longer aesthetically pretty. The feeling is terrible and we want to stay hidden at home until the pimple disappears from our mouth.

10 tips presents below the best tips, remedies and products to remove a cold sore quickly.

1. Cold sore and toothpaste

Remove a cold sore with toothpaste

Before moving on to products sold in stores or online, why not try a grandmother’s remedy that really works for cold sores?

The toothpaste! And yes, toothpaste is an ingredient that can quickly remove a cold sore during the night and in addition, we all have it at home, so we might as well take advantage of it.

  • Use only white paste toothpaste. Avoid gel toothpaste which does not give the same result on a cold sore.
  • Apply a small amount of toothpaste directly to the cold sore. Be sure to cover the entire cold sore.
  • Leave on overnight and repeat the following night to effectively treat cold sores.

** Toothpaste can also be used for other types of pimples as you will discover in this article: How to remove a pimple on the nose?

2. An effective product to treat cold sores

If you don’t believe that toothpaste can help with cold sores then maybe it’s best for you to buy a product designed specifically for these pimples.

There are several products to treat a cold sore quickly but the most effective remains the patch that is placed directly on the pimple. This stamp can then greatly accelerate the treatment of cold sores but also to camouflage it while waiting for its complete disappearance.

You can also choose a product in gel form (sold in the form of a « roll-on » like a lip balm) also sold in pharmacies and online.

3. Perfume on a cold fire

remove a cold sore with perfume

An old grandmother’s trick to prevent a cold sore from getting bigger or at least to control it is to use perfume… Yes yes perfume!

In fact, as soon as you feel a little tingling or redness near your mouth and lips immediately apply some perfume. Same thing if the cold sore is already very present, the perfume will allow you to remove this famous cold sore from your face more quickly.

Of course it’s a grandma’s trick, so do you dare to test it?

4. Preventing cold sores is possible!

Unfortunately for many people, men and women, cold fires can be frequent throughout the year, but especially in winter. To avoid many episodes of cold sores and also to heal faster lysine is very useful to fight this unwanted virus.

To put it simply and quickly, lysine is an amino acid that helps bone growth and the formation of antibodies. But that’s not all, lysine would really help to treat cold sores, cold sores or cold sores if you prefer. You can therefore take it in the form of dietary supplements to avoid having a lot of cold sores throughout the year.



  • Helps against cold sores.
  • Promotes the formation of collagen.
  • Amino acid for good health.

5. Cold fire and bleach

treating a cold sore with bleach

There are a ton of home remedies and old fashioned tricks to get rid of a cold sore, but you still have to be careful with many of them. The goal is to treat the cold sore, not make your problem even worse.

One of the popular tricks is to apply a little Bleach directly to the cold sore…. OUCHHHH! While this trick might work to make a cold sore go away, the fact remains that bleach is an extremely powerful product so imagine the effect it has on your skin and worse on your lips!

It’s a bit the same advice for remedies against cold sores based on alcohol and iodine which are also strongly discouraged for treating cold sores.

6. Tea Tree Oil

If you like natural and very effective tips to treat and relieve a thousand and one things then Tea Tree essential oil is THE product to have at home.

Tea Tree essential oil is very effective in speeding up the treatment of a cold sore as well as in treating pimples, cuts, acne and many other infections and skin problems.

Here is the Tea Tree essential oil from Naissance:

Tea tree essential oil

Tea tree essential oil

  • 100% pure and natural Tea Tree Oil.
  • Oil with purifying and soothing properties for the skin.
  • Fresh and pleasant smell.

** The essential oil is also effective for other tricks as you will discover in this other article: Remedy for a pimple on the tongue.

Of course if you don’t want to spread cold sore it is important to take certain precautions. Here are some simple instructions to follow so as not to share your cold sore.

  • Do not have mouth contact with another person.
  • Do not touch or scratch the cold sore with your hands.
  • Wash your hands well if you touch the cold sore.
  • Do not share your drink, washcloth and other things you have put in your mouth.

Now, do you know the different causes that can cause cold sores? Read on quickly to the point often to discover them.

8. The main causes of cold sore

Did you know that there are several different sources and factors that can cause the outbreak of the cold sores virus?

  • Cold is often one of the causes of cold sores. This is why cold sores are more common during the winter.
  • Stress is often a trigger for cold sores.
  • Too long exposure to the sun without protection can also cause a cold sore to appear.
  • Dry lips (chapped lips) can also be one of the causes of cold sores.
  • Fatigue is also another important factor for the appearance of this unwanted pimple on the mouth.

There are several other factors and causes of cold sores but these are the main ones above that we thought it was important to share with you.

9. Apply petroleum jelly to help heal

If the cold sore is at the end of its life and there is a small scab or a small, very dry scab, you can apply petroleum jelly. The petroleum jelly will help the skin below the scab heal more easily without cracking again.

Once the scab has subsided, you can simply apply a little unscented moisturizer to the skin to help it heal more quickly and completely.

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