10 tips for decorating a small bedroom

How to arrange a small bedroom?

Even if your room is small, don’t worry, it is possible to arrange it well so that it is functional and well laid out. It is usually necessary to opt for lightness, simplicity, pale colors and small furniture for small rooms.

10 Tricks offers you today 10 tips and ideas for furnishing a small bedroom.

Tips and ideas for arranging a small bedroom:

1. Pale colors for a small bedroom

When the time comes to paint the walls of this small bedroom, it would be better to choose pale colors. Pale colors make rooms appear larger, airier and lighten the tight space. If you put dark colors, the bedroom will seem even smaller and more muffled.

2. Choose simplicity above all else

If you clutter the bedroom with lots of unnecessary furniture, accessories and stuff, you will decrease the free space of the bedroom in addition to making it look rather packed. Instead, choose a simple and refined decoration to furnish and decorate a small bedroom. Little furniture, not too many accessories or decorations and go with the essentials instead.

Simplicity above all:

simplicity to decorate a small bedroom

3. Merge the bed and work desk into the bedroom

Making a bedroom functional means making good use of the spaces so that everything becomes practical. If for example you have a work desk, you can buy a high bed under which you can install the desk. It’s perfect for your child’s or teenager’s bedroom, for example.

Here is an example of a loft bed with a desk, perfect for a small bedroom:

Loft bed with desk to arrange a small bedroom

4. Equip the children’s room with a toy box

As the months pass, the number of children’s toys increases. Buying a toy box is therefore a good idea in order to store all your child’s games and toys in one place. No more toys and games lying around in your child’s bedroom. The room will look cleaner, tidy and above all larger.

5. Make more use of the wardrobe for clothes

If you have a lot of clothes, make the most of the wardrobe instead of adding too big desks to the bedroom. Instead of folding the clothes, you can hang them on the hangers and above all unclog the bedroom which is already too small. Furnish this small bedroom with more delicate and above all pale-coloured furniture.

If you have enough space in the wardrobe why not put a small dresser or two in there to store your clothes? Perfect for freeing up space in the small bedroom.

wardrobe and dressing room to furnish a small bedroom

6. Choosing a good light is important!

For a small bedroom, it is important to have a nice balanced light for the room. A small room without light brings too much darkness and once again gives a muffled air to the room. If however the light is too strong, it will be reflected too much by the walls and it will be practically blinding. So to furnish it with a small bedroom, it is better to choose a small, soft but enveloping light.

Of course, nothing can replace natural light, but sometimes it’s impossible, especially if you don’t have windows in that bedroom. So this is where the choice of lights becomes important.

7. Lightly dress the window

Since the bedroom is small, it is very important to let natural light inside. The ideal is therefore to choose a small veiled curtain in order to ventilate the room. If you can and want, you can put nothing in front of your window, it’s even a trend these days.

window dressing in a small bedroom

8. Place the bed along the wall

If you move around the room a lot and don’t like to walk around the bed every time or if the room belongs to a child who plays in it a lot, it would be better to place the bed close to the wall in order to give more space in the middle. It will also enlarge the room.

9. A large shelf in a small bedroom

If placed well, a large shelf can also help air out the bedroom. If you have a lot of accessories, trinkets, books or small decorations, it will be nice to be able to store everything in the shelf. It will also be more functional. There is no need to furnish a small bedroom with several dressers and other pieces of furniture. A nice large shelf can be enough to store everything and thus declutter the room.

10. Add a plant or two

Plants are part of nature. They are good and look they give the impression of lightness. You can therefore add a plant or two to the decoration of your small room or else a few pale flowers for example.

Here is a nice example of a small bedroom in which there is a nice tall chest of drawers and a pretty green plant to give the room some height.

green plant and high chest of drawers in a small bedroom

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