10 tips for finding a lost item

What’s worse than losing a precious object

What’s more frustrating, discouraging and sad than losing an item? It is sometimes an essential object in our daily life so it’s rather annoying! Other times, it will be an object that is close to our hearts and it will then be very sad! Or other times it will be downright valuable so it will be a pretty scary situation!

No matter what this object represents for you, it is normal to want to find it quickly! Here are 10 tips for finding a lost item!

1. Remember your last actions

Close your eyes and think about everything you’ve done so far. Where did you go? What have you done? Visualize this journey in your head and you are highly likely to find the lost object.

2. Take a survey of those around you

Talk about this lost object to the members of your entourage, who knows, witnesses, clues and good news could resurface!

3. Empty your bags to find this lost object

Merely sticking your hands in the bottom of your bag to search it is not enough. You have to empty the contents of your handbags, school bags, briefcases or suitcases on the ground to have good visibility.

4. Search the car

It is very easy to lose or drop something in the car! Quickly go take a look and don’t miss any small gaps or slots! Even look under the seats!

5. Check in his locker

Do you have a locker at school, at work or even at the gym? So check inside to try to find this lost item!

6. Redo the last path taken

Walk the same route you just did to check if you have not lost the object in question along the way.

7. Go see the attendants or the concierge

Attendants, janitors, secretaries, teachers, employers, colleagues and others may have in their possession the object you have lost! Someone may have reported to them for claim.

8. Go digging through lost and found

This is of course a good way to regain what you have lost. In general, schools, stores and businesses will have a place for lost items. Find out.

9. Team up to search

Two heads are better than one and several pairs of eyes too! So ask for help in your research!

10. Display photo posters

For a high value item, feel free to post posters with a photo and description of the item in question. You can even offer a small reward in return!

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