10 tips for giving an oral presentation

Do you have to practice an oral presentation?

Oral presentations are never easy to do! You must first put together a solid and well-detailed text on a specific subject. Then, you have to memorize it by heart and finally, the icing on the cake, you then have to recite it out loud in front of all the students in the class, being noted by the teacher! Phew! Student life is not always easy! To help you get through it, here are 10 tips for giving an oral presentation!

1. Find engaging information for your talk

To captivate the audience as well as attract people’s attention, choose a theme and information that is both relevant and attractive! Surprise people! Interest them! Pique their curiosity!

2. Use clean, yet simple vocabulary

To make your text and your oral presentation easier to remember and to hook your listeners more, choose a simple vocabulary without too much fluff. Don’t look for million dollar words and keep it simple, yet eloquent.

3. Animate your presentation well with a good tone of voice

When you recite your presentation, be energized, lit and alive! Have slightly changing tones of voice to make a good animation. Do as if you were hosting a TV show for example!

4. Prepare notes with keywords

If you have the right to bring notes or a small piece of cardboard, choose what you will write on it. Choose the right keywords that will allow you to find yourself easily if you forget.

5. Recite his text again and again

To be sure to retain your text, recite it again and again several times a day! In the shower, walking on the street, in your room, making your lunch… The more you recite your oral presentation, the more it will stick in your mind.

6. Practice in front of people

Sometimes remembering his text is not too difficult in itself. Rather, it’s the stress of having to recite it in front of people that becomes a real nightmare! To help you do this, practice often in front of people. Do it in front of your family and friends! And if necessary, do it also in front of strangers.

7. Have a good lunch on the day of the presentation

You may be so nervous that in the morning you won’t be hungry and you won’t feel like having lunch. However, lunch will be your fuel to start this tough day! Treat yourself to a good healthy and energizing breakfast before you go to school.

8. Do articulation exercises

A little before your oral presentation, do several articulation exercises that will allow you to speak well and articulate afterwards. Also drink a little water so that your mouth does not get too dry.

9. Volunteer to go to the top

If possible, volunteer to be one of the first to exhibit your oral. Thus, you will not risk forgetting it and you will be rid of stress more quickly.

10. Look people in the eye

To make your presentation more real and lively, try reciting your speech while looking your audience in the eye. Thus, they will feel concerned and you will have the impression of simply chatting with them. If that’s too inconvenient for you, look at the horizon instead, a little behind them. On the other hand, avoid looking at the floor! It will make your presentation very flat and uninteresting!

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