10 tips for learning accounting

How to learn accounting?

Accounting is an important concept that we should all know at least a little. Whether you want to learn accounting to make a personal budget, administer your business finances or even to make it your job, there are many ways to learn accounting.

10-trucs.com offers below several tips and advice to help you learn and understand accounting more easily.

1. Learn accounting with books and books

If you want to learn accounting at your own pace and in the comfort of your home, reading certain books and works is a good solution. There are several excellent learning book on accounting just find the best ones to deepen your knowledge in the field.

For beginners here is the perfect book to help you better understand the basics of accounting: Understand (finally) accounting. You can buy it right here if you want to quickly start learning accounting:

2. Accounting for Dummies… ?

Another book you can buy to learn accounting from the comfort of your couch or your lite is: Accounting for Dummies.

This book, as its name indicates, is ideal for those who wish to learn and above all better understand the different mechanisms of accounting. You can get it at the best price right here:

3. Take an online accounting course

How to learn accounting easily, at home? Another method to learn or rather learn about accounting is online training. There are many online courses and training on the subject of accounting and finance, just find the best for you.

10 Tips offers you without hesitation the Initiate yourself to accounting course from the popular OpenClassRooms site. This online course will get you started quickly and easily with accounting. Of course this course is intended for beginners.

Divided into 3 main parts, this online training will help you:

  • To understand the vocabulary and the many accounting terms.
  • To decipher the information present in the accounting documents
  • To master the basic principles of accounting, etc.

4. Teacher and private accounting course

If you like human contact and if learning alone scares you then why not find a teacher just for you? There are many online platforms that help you find a private tutor in the area of ​​learning you want, here accounting,

A simple online search will allow you to find hundreds, if not thousands, of teachers ready to help you in your learning of accounting, management or finance. To name a few, we can think of the popular sites:

  • Superprof
  • Your courses
  • kelprof

Of course you can also do research on classified ad sites or even on specialized groups on Facebook for example. Ah yes also do not hesitate to register for various online forums that specialize in the field of finance. It’s a great way to ask questions and especially to get answers quickly.

5. Find a job in accounting

If you have a real training in accounting and want to find a quality job in your area then there are many job sites online!

Here are some of the best sites to find jobs in your field:

  • Candidate.Pole-Emploi.fr
  • Indeed.com
  • Comptajob.fr (specialized site for jobs related to accounting)
  • Cadremploi.fr
  • Regionsjob.com

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