10 tips for learning English

How to learn and speak in English?

Learning to speak and write in English has almost become an obligation these days! Indeed, mastering a second language such as English is an undeniable advantage when the time comes to find an interesting job or to establish new relationships.

10 Tips offers tips and tricks here, but also valuable advice for learning English for free and quickly. Good Success!

Tips and tricks for learning English:

1. Watch TV shows in English

If you love watching and listening to TV shows as well as movies then why not take the opportunity to watch them in English? There are a ton of good American series in English waiting for you, whether on television or online on Netflix for example.

If you are really a beginner in English then it is better to watch your series and films with French subtitles during the 3 or 4 weeks. Afterwards, once you start to understand the scenes better, you can remove the French subtitles and instead put back the English subtitles to learn English even faster. After a few weeks and months you will finally be able to watch an American series or a movie completely in English and especially without the help of subtitles.

What, you don’t know which American series to watch to learn English while having fun… Here are some suggestions:

  • Game of tragedy
  • madmen
  • Friends
  • Breaking Bad
  • Desperate housewives
  • Cougar Town
  • house of cards

Listening to television programs in English will allow you to associate the words with the concept conveyed in the program and will help you to become familiar with the intonations of your new language.

2. Read in English to learn alone, at home!

Of course another trick to learning English alone at home is to read in the language of Shakespeare! It is important not to skip a step because if you start directly with a big detective story in English you risk not understanding anything and therefore you risk abandoning your challenge.

For example, you can start by reading newspapers and magazines in English or articles on different websites that you like. Focus on reading content and topics that really interest you to make learning English easier and more fun.

Reading a variety of literature, whether novels, reference books, magazines or even comics in English, will allow you to visualize the words and assimilate the spelling much more easily. By reading in English in this way, you will see textually how sentences are formulated. Good reading!

3. Learn English in the car

No matter where you live on the planet, getting to work or school by car is often very long and boring. So why not turn this waste of time into learning English?

Whether it’s in the form of CDs, Mp3s or audio podcasts, learning English in your car is a great way to pass the time and learn this new language without really working too hard.

You can take advantage of downtime during traffic jams and even while driving to repeat the various exercises offered there.

Be careful to always stay focused on the road. If learning English in the car distracts you, it is better to use another learning method.

4. Mobile and WEB in English!

We use Facebook, Twitter or other social networks every day, but the problem is that we use them in French. Why not change the language from French to English to start learning English easily and quickly every day.

Also, rather than looking on Google Francophone for stuff, why not change the language of your favorite search engine to English?!

Same thing if you like to play video games on console, mobile and PC, prefer the English language. You will learn English while having fun and playing your favorite video games. The important thing is to make your environment as English-speaking as possible. Not always easy to do but with these few tips you will get there.

5. Conversations in English… As much as possible!

Of course the best trick to learn to speak in English is to speak in English! How do you learn to speak English if you never practice speaking English?!

If you are lucky enough to have friends or family members who are fluent in English, why not set aside a day or half-day devoted entirely to English conversation? You will master acquired concepts much faster than if you never have the opportunity to practice.

The more you speak in English with knowledgeable people, the better you will become! It will be more automatic for you! Speak, but also listen! Because by conversing in English, if you listen well, you will also learn much more quickly and easily.

6. Subscribe to Youtube channels in English

Still to give you even more tips and tricks to learn English for free, how about using Youtube for this purpose?

Youtube is an incalculable source of English-language videos and podcasts to watch and listen to. So change your habit a little and subscribe to English-speaking channels and youtubers that talk about subjects that interest you of course.

Whether on your mobile, on television or on a tablet, it is easy to watch videos and podcasts to learn how to speak English well. At home, on the bus or during breaks at school and at work, with Youtube it is easy to learn English.

7. Travel to improve and learn English

There is nothing better than traveling to learn new things and learning a new language is no exception to this rule.

Indeed, traveling is a good way to practice and improve your English since this language is universally spoken. When traveling, you will be out of your element and you will be forced to speak in English, even if you are shy and make mistakes when speaking in English. So if you can afford it, traveling is an excellent tip for improving your English quickly.

You are a worker or a student, why not consider doing an English immersion internship or a student exchange?

Do an English immersion course

An immersion course in an English-speaking environment will allow you not only to enrich your linguistic knowledge but also to meet interesting people there and to practice the knowledge acquired much more quickly.

Carry out a student exchange in an English-speaking province

If you are a student, the exchange between students will not only allow you to practice your English but also to visit beautiful corners of the country. You will also learn a lot about your hosts and their customs.

8. English – French dictionary and online translation

To facilitate learning English on a daily basis and especially when traveling abroad, it is better to have an English French pocket dictionary or better still a translation application.

The French English dictionary is an indispensable tool that will greatly help you to learn English. Drag it around and as soon as you see a word in English that you don’t understand, look it up right away. While waiting for the bus or during your breaks for example, study it like a book to learn English faster and above all for free!

If you’re more tech-savvy and don’t know what a dictionary is ? then why not use an online translation app or site? Of course Google Translate is the most popular and easy to use for translating from French to English. You can use Google translate to translate a word, sentences, long texts, web pages and even documents. Head over to Google Translate to start using this great 100% free translation tool.

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