10 tips for making a good pizza

How to make a good homemade pizza?

Pizza is a dish that is very fun to cook, because you can be very creative and choose from many toppings and ways to make your pizza.

Pizza is loved by everyone and it is always very pleasant to eat it as well as to cook it. 10 Tips therefore offers you 10 tips and tricks for a good pizza.

The 10 tips for a good pizza:

1. A good dough for pizza

Dilute 40g of yeast in ¼ cup of lukewarm water. Add 2 handfuls of flour. Mix and wait 30 minutes. Pour with your hands 700g of flour, sourdough and a pinch of salt. Knead the dough for 15 minutes. Make a ball, add flour and double the size in a warm bowl for 90 minutes. Then knead for 60 seconds and make a disc 5mm thick. Make an edge with your thumbs and voila, you have a perfect dough for a good homemade pizza.

2. Customize your pizza dough

You can add flavorings to your pizza dough if you wish. For example, you can add fresh herbs or spices to give your homemade pizza a unique taste.

3. Choose your type of pizza

Many classics exist when it comes to pizza. The Neapolitan pizza, the Regina, the Canadian, the seafood pizza and more. Choose the ingredients you want, there are no limits when preparing a homemade pizza. Use a good homemade tomato sauce, good spices, good fresh vegetables and even meat and fruit if you wish.

4. Choose a good cheese

Cheese is the pinnacle of pizza! It is very popular so be generous when making pizza in the oven. You can even make your four cheese pizza.

5. Have a very crispy dough

To have a crispy dough, you can add a bowl of water in the oven while cooking the pizza. Thus, steam will escape and this will make your dough even more crispy. Be careful if your pizza crust is too thin you could burn it with this trick, so be careful during cooking.

6. Put cheese in the dough

What a delight it will be! Especially for cheese lovers! You just have to put your cheese all around your dough and then fold the border to imprison the cheese in your crust.

7. Make a calzone

Before closing the dough on itself, apply a little beaten egg white on the edges. Then weld the dough with your fingers and take a spatula to move your dough to the oven. You will thus have a delicious pizza calzone… It’s so good!

8. Make a sweet and salty duo

And yes, it will be wonderful to taste more exotic and sweet pizzas. You can add drizzles of honey, coconut, chicken pieces, vinegar, pineapple, etc. Be creative, this is your secret homemade pizza recipe. Personally I love Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple, a delicious mix of sweet and savory.

9. Make a national pizza

Transform your pizza with foods that are part of your national dishes. For example, here in Canada, so-called Canadian pizzas are made with an extra bacon topping, well in the majority of cases.

10. Make pizza for dessert

And yes! Add chocolate, cream, vanilla, bananas, almonds to the dough and put it all in the oven! This dessert pizza will be a pure delight and will convince the whole family, young and old. ? ?

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