10 tips for making a good raclette

The ingredients to make a good raclette!

Raclette is a recipe that involves scraping melted cheese near a heat source. Cheese is eaten with potatoes and several variations or extras can be added.

This is a delicious recipe to share with family or friends, ideal for the holidays! Do you want to learn a few tricks to make your raclette a success? So here’s how to succeed and make a good raclette.

Pepper or paprika cheese for the raclette

Instead of using the usual plain raclette cheese, use pepper or paprika cheese instead for an even tastier taste with your potatoes and other foods.

Add fruits and vegetables to the raclette

Once the cheese is in the pan, you could add fruits such as apples or pears as well as vegetables such as cooked onions or cooked mushrooms. A baked potato that you cut into slices can be another good idea for eating raclette.

Use quail eggs

Add your quail eggs to the cheese, before cooking the latter in the raclette. It is really very delicious.

Buy cooking equipment for raclette

Nowadays, it is more difficult to cook our raclettes like in the good old days. That’s why it might be a good idea to invest in good equipment specially designed for raclettes. It is possible to get a raclette for less than $100 in big box stores. If you want a quality raclette, you will have to pay around $200 to $300 in specialty kitchen shops.

Use the grill well

Oil your grill well before using it and heat it for 25 minutes before starting dinner. Then put a little salt on the grill before adding the ingredients, whether meat or vegetables, to make sure they don’t stick.

Use raclette plates well

It will be important never to make them overflow! Better to make smaller portions to make sure everything cooks evenly and nothing sticks on the raclette.

Grated cheese instead of sliced ​​cheese

Put your cheese in the freezer for 30 minutes and then grate it for best results. It is not necessary to use raclette cheese, you can choose your favorite cheese to make a good raclette that you will really like!

Have the right amount of cheese for the raclette

For a raclette dinner, allow 7 to 8 ounces of cheese per person. Remember that cheese is the most important ingredient in the recipe! You can melt cheese on meat, cheese, fish, vegetables, seafood, that’s why it’s important not to run out of cheese during the raclette dinner.

Cook the meat well

If you cook the meat using a raclette grill, it would be better to cook it first to ensure that it will be perfectly cooked afterwards! All you have to do is finish cooking on the raclette grill or reheat the meat.

Add fish to your raclette

The fish is delicious with a raclette! In addition, it will be perfect with a raclette device because it cooks quickly! If you opt for cooking on the grill, choose fish such as salmon, catfish or mackerel.

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