10 tips for moonlighting

Do you need a second job?

With the cost of today’s society, many people unfortunately have to work two jobs in order to support a family. Otherwise, many people will also choose to hold two jobs for a certain period of time in order to raise the maximum amount of money to buy something in particular. Whether for example a house, a car or even a trip. If you too want to have two jobs, here are 10 tips that will help you get there.

1. Never have two full-time jobs

If you want to have two jobs simultaneously and still be able to survive, you can never have two full-time jobs. It would be unrealistic and above all, you wouldn’t last long! Instead, you have to have either two part-time jobs or one full-time job plus another part-time job.

2. Choose schedules that complement each other well

For this to work, you need to choose two jobs with schedules that will go well together. Everything must fit with your personal life and everything surrounding the demands of your jobs. For example, you can choose to work full-time during the day, stay quiet weeknights at home to take care of your family and thus work part-time on weekends! Or else, you can cut your week in half! 3 days in one place and 2 or 3 days in another.

3. Do not choose jobs that are too demanding

If you want to stay the course, it would be important not to have jobs that are too demanding. If one of them is a little more, choose a second job that will be much less! Choose a more relaxed second job.

4. Choose jobs that are close to each other

To make your life easier and save you time and energy, try to pick two jobs that are roughly in the same territory! This way, you will waste less time constantly traveling to get to one and then the other job.

5. Choose two jobs alternating the mental versus the physical

If your first job is very physically demanding, it would be good to have a second job that will be less physically demanding and therefore more mental. And vice versa! This way, you won’t exhaust yourself physically or mentally!

6. Choose a second job from home

A great idea for getting a second job without getting too exhausted is to find a job that you can do from home! Thus, you will have two salaries, but at least you will be at home and it will be less demanding. For example, you can babysit, fix things, or craft or assemble stuff!

7. Take regular vacations

If you combine two jobs, it’s good, even extraordinary! But it would also be important to give yourself regular vacations! Sometimes you need to pick up and rest! So don’t forget yourself!

8. Choose jobs without pressure or supervision

If you want to avoid stress-related overwork, try choosing a second job that will leave you more free and less supervised. For example, working more on the road or cleaning houses.

9. Choose an assembly line job

Let me explain. Some will like the assembly line jobs offered in factories or factories. You have to do assembly line work without using your mind too much. The movements are similar and short, you do things repeatedly so you don’t have to push yourself all the time.

10. Seek support from loved ones

Working two jobs isn’t easy! You will often be out of breath and completely exhausted! And despite your fatigue, you will still have to take care of household chores, children, dinners and more! This is why it will be imperative that your loved ones help you as much as possible! You will need them around the house! They will have to help you and all have their share of responsibilities!

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