10 tips for organizing a baby shower

How to organize a baby shower?

When a mom is expecting a little baby, it’s important for family and friends to organize an upcoming baby shower for her. This event, which aims to celebrate the joys of motherhood as well as the arrival of the baby, always brings a lot of happiness to the parents but also a lot of much appreciated gifts!

10 Tips offers you today 10 tips and ideas for organizing a baby shower. Good reading!

Tips and tricks for organizing a shower:

1. An organizer who is close to the mother

It is important that the organizer who is in charge of organizing the baby shower knows the mother’s social network well, whether it is her family, but also her friends. She is the one who will have to organize the party, send the invitations and coordinate the gifts, so it is important that the organizer is really close to the mother. ?

2. Plan an introductory game to break the ice

The guests may not all know each other so it could be fun to prepare a little game that will break the ice and introduce everyone.

3. Send invites

Whether by post or e-mail, it is important to send invitations on which you will indicate, among other things, the date of the event, the address where the party will take place, the contact details of the organizer, the names of the parents and the sex of the baby (if known). Also set a deadline for sending the response.

4. Decide on the course of the shower

A shower can be done during a Sunday brunch, in the evening or even at a restaurant. If it is at the restaurant, it will be necessary to provide a large place to be able to be comfortable with the guests and the gifts which will certainly take up a lot of space.

5. Plan the food

No need to plan meals for a shower. You can simply make a small cold buffet or offer small bites. You can concoct small refreshing drinks, but do not add alcohol out of respect for the mother.

You can also call on a catering service that will take care of food, beverages and even service, ideal for peace of mind during a baby shower or any other party.

6. Choose a theme for the baby shower

If you want to add a little fantasy to the event, you can give a theme to the occasion of the shower. It can be related to the baby, to the mother’s childhood or even to go there depending on the season and the events relating to it.

7. Organize games

It is not necessary to organize games. A shower can be done in peace with chatter and exchanges between the guests. But if you want to add some color, of course, games are a good option to laugh and add fun to the party.

Be careful with the choice of games for a baby shower. The games must remain fun for the guests but above all respectful for mom and dad.

8. Coordinate gifts

It is important that the shower planner takes care of coordinating the gifts to avoid that several people buy the same thing. The organizer can even draw up a list of the items that the parents need so that the guests choose one of these items. So no one will buy the same thing.

9. Give a small souvenir gift to the guests

You can plan to give or send the guests a small souvenir of this beautiful event later. To do this, you can choose something that will relate to the birth of the child. Whether it’s an accessorized photo for example or a small card with a baby’s footprint.

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