10 tips for overcoming a breakup

Did you just break up with your lover?

Going through a breakup is never easy! We have the impression that our whole existence is rocking and our heart hurts so much that we can’t even breathe.

But although the sorrows of love are painful, we always end up getting through. Here are 10 tips to help you get over your breakup..

1. Live the heartache one day at a time

Getting over your breakup doesn’t mean not having pain. It is completely normal to cry and hurt inside. The grief will not go away in a day and the wound will take time to heal. This is why we must take the time to live through this pain one day at a time. There are days when you will have less pain, others when you will hardly think about it and still others when you will have more pain. But it’s one day at a time that you’ll get to the end of your pain and finally be able to fully turn the page.

2. Seeing things positively after a breakup

If there was a break, it’s because several things weren’t working. And maybe those things made you a lot more unhappy than you thought. We must therefore see the positive of this rupture. You are free and all the things that used to hurt you will be gone. Also, maybe you had come to a point in your life where something like this had to happen. Maybe much better awaits you then.

3. Don’t think about yesterday, but about tomorrow

It’s a new chapter in your life that begins! You will now do things differently and you will meet new people who will make you experience new things! New routes will appear and you will be free to follow the ones that inspire you the most!

4. Change your mind

When we go through a breakup, we tend to think only of the person we lost. But the more you think about it, the more you suffer. So to suffer less, it is imperative to change your mind. Do not stay alone and do activities. The time you’re talking or concentrating on something, you won’t be thinking about your ex. Plus, the less you think about it, the more you’ll forget about it.

5. Think about yourself

It’s time or never to think of you and you alone! Take the opportunity to spoil yourself! To do things you never did before! Realize your dreams, do new activities, buy yourself something you’ve always wanted! In short, think only of yourself!

6. Reorient your life

After a breakup, we often feel the need to make some changes in our lives! And it’s a great idea because it helps us move forward! Not only will you experience new avenues, but you will also experience new sensations and new interests will develop. It’s a great way to take your mind off things while doing good in your life! Change career! Back to school! Move, redecorate, travel, start new projects! No matter! But change your life a little! You will feel revived!

7. Feeling handsome or beautiful after a breakup

To cheer yourself up, nothing better than changing your look or putting on your 31 to feel free, good, young and fulfilled! Go to the hairdresser, change your hair color or go buy yourself some new clothes! It will do you a lot of good, you’ll see!

8. Do not regret anything above all!

It is sometimes difficult to turn the page on your relationship or to live the breakup in peace when you have regrets that constantly catch up with you. You have to know how to forgive the other, but also yourself. You have to accept things and understand that you can’t go back to the past. What’s done is done and all you can do is build a bright future for yourself rather than regretting the past.

9. Completely cut off contact with your ex

Keeping in touch with your ex will do you a lot more harm than good. Unless, of course, you have children, it is best to completely cut off contact. No visits, phones or spying on Facebook! You will never be able to forget him or move on if you live in his world forever. And everything you learn about his new life could hurt you badly.

10. Confide in someone

It is true that it is important to change your mind and try to direct your thoughts towards something other than your heartache. On the other hand, sometimes it is good to confide in order to bring out the bad guy who hurts us inside. Don’t be afraid to confide in someone. Whether it’s a friend, a family member, a psychologist or even in a diary!

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