10 tips for reconciling with your best friend

Are you at odds with your best friend?

A quarrel with her best friend is never something easy to live with! We suddenly lose someone important to our well-being and we even have the impression of losing a little something from us. you are quarreling with your best friend and you would like to find this so important friendship? So here are 10 tips to reconcile with your best friend!

1. Write a letter to her best friend

If it’s too difficult for you to confront him directly, you can always opt to write him a letter. This way, you can express your feelings to him without embarrassment and without restraint. It will be easier for you to open up and when your friend gets this letter she can take the time to think about it properly.

2. Take the first steps… Why not!

Do not wait for her to take the first steps to reconciliation at all costs! Because she may do the same on her side and you will wait forever! Life goes too fast to do such a thing! So take your courage in both hands and take the first steps towards your friend!

3. Send her a personalized gift

If you want to touch her feelings, give her a gift that highlights your fond memories. It can be a photo album, a collage of your best moments, an object representative of your friendship, etc.

4. Admit mistakes

It may well be that you too have made mistakes. Before blaming others, it’s always good to look at yourself first and be able to recognize your own mistakes. It would be a good start to make peace with your best friend.

5. Arrange a meeting to attempt reconciliation

A meeting would also be a good idea to attempt a reconciliation. Propose to your best friend a meeting that would allow you to discuss. Meet in a neutral place and wash your dirty laundry.

6. Ask the right questions

Instead of throwing blame, it would be better to ask some questions. Ask her to tell you what you did that she didn’t like. Ask her to tell you how she felt at the time.

7. Send an apology to her friend

You are not ready for the big meetings or for the big letters of apology and endless explanations? So just go for it! Send a little note that says « I apologize » or « I’m sorry » etc. It will be very cute!

8. Write a poem

Poems touch people. You can write a touching poem about the pain you feel without her. Or opt for a positive poem that talks about your friendship. Or you can even use humor! Tell the argument with a bit of humor!

9. Give him personalized certificates

These are actually certificates that she can use as she pleases. For example, there could be one that is redeemable for a service. Babysitting, cleaning, massage, etc. There may also be a certificate redeemable for an outing (with you of course) or a dinner, a cone or a drink somewhere!

10. Composing a song… Quite a challenge!

Look around you. There is definitely someone playing a musical instrument! So ask him to help you compose a song for your friend. This person will take care of the music and you will take care of the lyrics!

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