10 tips for removing a mustard stain

How to remove a mustard stain?

A spot of mustard quickly falls off our hot dog or any dish we eat. Our clothes or our objects are then stained and it’s a bit scary to see mustard soiling our things like this!

If such a situation happens to you, 10 Tips offers you 10 cleaning tips to remove a mustard stain from clothing or other..

The 10 tips to remove a mustard stain:

1. A mustard stain on glass…

Scrape off the excess mustard with a spoon, pour hot water and dish soap over the stain, wait a few minutes, and scrub the glass with a sponge. Then rinse well to remove all traces of mustard on the glass.

2. Mustard stain on jeans

Did you just stain your favorite jeans with mustard? Do not panic especially, it is possible to remove it quickly! Pour lemon juice on a cloth or cotton and simply rub the mustard stain on your jeans.

Lemon juice is an effective and natural remedy against several other types of stains on jeans and other clothing.

3. A stain on cotton

Remove the excess mustard with a spoon and scrub everything with soap and water. Next, mix hydrogen peroxide with ammonia and clean the mustard stain.

4. Mustard on ceramic

If you have spilled mustard on your ceramic tiles, rub the stain with a damp sponge. If that’s not enough, scrub it with baking soda and liquid dish soap (always scrub with the sponge). Rinse the ceramic with cold water to remove all traces of mustard.

5. Remove mustard from wool

To remove a mustard stain from wool, first mix water, Marseille soap and ammonia. Insert the stained piece of wool into the mixture and rinse well. Then air dry and check to make sure the mustard stain is completely gone.

6. A little mustard on satin…

NO!!! Have you just stained a satin garment with mustard? Pour vinegar on a towel and rub the mustard stain. Then clean everything with water and a little sugar. At the end no more trace of mustard.

7. Removing mustard from silk…

Place the silk in a container of water and add Marseille soap and ammonia. Empty the container and fill it only with water and vinegar. Repeat this treatment a second time, but add a sugar cube to be sure to completely remove the mustard stain from the silk garment.

8. Mustard on plastic

Pour liquid dish soap onto a cloth and scrub the mustard stain. If that’s not enough, do the same thing, but with hydrogen peroxide. Very effective against many other types of stains on plastic.

9. A stain on linen

Scrape the mustard stain with your fingernail. Then pour Marseille soap on a damp sponge and pass it over the stain. Be careful not to rub too hard so as not to damage your linen garment because this material is very fragile.

10. Mustard on Velvet

For a recent stain, gently rub the stain with soft sandpaper. If the stain is less recent, rub it with an abrasive sponge soaked in 28% ammonia. Lay the velvet in a towel to finish.

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