10 tips for sleeping well

What to do to sleep well?

Sleep is the fundamental basis of people’s health and well-being. It is indeed scientifically proven that lack of sleep promotes hypertension and that people who have a full sleep live longer.

However, good sleep is a luxury that not everyone can afford. To help you regain your childhood sleep, here are 10 tips for sleeping well.

1. Prepare your environment well to sleep well

The first tip for sleeping well is to pay attention to the environment in which you find yourself, it is very important.

It is necessary that the place, the bedroom, is truly a place of relaxation, far from the noise and concerns of everyday life.

The bedroom must be zen and all stressful elements must be out of our field of relaxation.

Relaxation, relaxation and relaxation…

All these elements must be respected for a good quality of sleep because, at the time of sleep, we need to be relaxed and to evacuate all our stress.

We must therefore avoid all negative waves by setting up a special and ideal space for sleeping. Why not take a nice hot bath to be even more relaxed before going to sleep?

2. What color for the bedroom?

The bedroom must be arranged in such a way that you are far from all the daily burdens (work, study, children, etc.), but that’s not all!

Indeed, the color and decoration of the room must be well studied to be able to provide immediate relaxation. A tip for sleeping well, prefer cold colors like blue, purple or even green.

Cool colors soothe the mind and help find inner calm, thus promoting a good night’s sleep.

3. No TV in the bedroom!

Do you have a television in the bedroom? To have a good sleep, it is absolutely necessary to avoid watching TV before going to bed.

Admittedly, this sometimes allows some people to fall asleep, but in general television puts the brain in a state of wakefulness, which is therefore incompatible with sleep.

It is therefore preferable that there is no TV in the bedroom, especially for people with sleeping problems.

4. Sleep in the dark and at regular times

Always sleep (as much as possible) in the dark, total darkness!

Indeed, it is necessary as much as possible to succeed in sleeping in total darkness to prevent the brain from remaining awake.

During sleep, the entire body must in fact devote itself to maximum relaxation. So sleeping in complete darkness is a great way to sleep better.

Always sleep at regular times!

Sleep instability could be detrimental to your night cycle. It is therefore important to respect regular hours to go to sleep. An established sleeping routine will bring you better sleep for sure!

So why not have a sleep routine during the weekdays and another night routine on the weekends for example.

5. Beware of too long naps

Do you usually take short naps during the day? Many studies and many health professionals recommend taking short naps.

A nap yes, but not too long!

Contrary to popular belief, naps can have an impact on evening sleep. Certainly, it is essential for health, but it should not exceed 30 minutes.

A very long nap does not allow you to find the sleep you should have at night, which is however unrecoverable. It is therefore necessary to respect the 8 hours of sleep recommended by doctors.

For other tips and tricks against fatigue, I recommend this article on this subject: Remedy for fatigue.

6. Natural tip for good sleep

To have a good sleep, you can also use the benefits of essential oils. Several essential oils can be used to aid sleep:

  • chamomile
  • lavender
  • vanilla
  • sandalwood
  • valerian

To use it, you must let out a bottle of chamomile essential oil about ten minutes before going to bed.

To properly use and choose oils, I recommend this other article: Essential oils for sleep.

7. Drink cold or warm milk before sleeping

Do you drink milk occasionally? Well know that milk can help you sleep better.

Milk contains an amino acid called tryptophan which helps promote sleep, falling asleep.

So 15 or 20 minutes before going to bed have a big glass of cold milk. For more efficiency you can also drink a glass of lukewarm or better still hot milk.

If you don’t like to drink hot milk then read the following tip where a little sweetness has been added to the milk.

8. Warm milk and honey for sleep

How about testing an effective grandmother’s remedy to help you sleep well, all night long? Honey and milk, that’s what it takes to succeed with this 100% natural trick.

So for this grandmother’s recipe you must:

  • Heat a little milk in a saucepan, stirring constantly
  • Add a tablespoon of honey to hot milk
  • Pour into a glass and drink just before going to bed for the night.

Warm milk has indeed relaxing properties and is therefore an excellent natural remedy for sleeping well at night.

9. Get your body used to getting sleepy

To sleep well and especially to have a good night’s sleep over the years, it is important to avoid sleeping pills and other anxiolytics. Of course, if you rarely use sleeping pills to help you sleep well, that’s not a big deal.

If you regularly take this type of medicine it may have repercussions on your body and your health, so be careful.

The ideal is indeed to accustom the body and the brain to find the sleep which it needs but not to force it with sleeping pills. Instead, we suggest that you try our various natural tips and remedies offered on this page to sleep well.

10. Comfortable pajamas to sleep well

The choice of pajamas is a very important element for sleeping well and thus feeling rested in the morning. How can we manage to sleep well if we are too hot or if we simply feel uncomfortable in our sleepwear?

It is therefore important to choose comfortable pajamas in which you feel good, neither too hot nor too cold. Long pajamas for the cold season or short pajamas for the warm season, there is no shortage of choices and styles.

If your partner’s snoring is keeping you from sleeping well then read these other tips and tricks: How to stop snoring?

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