10 tips for using Vaseline

Do you know all the tricks to do with petroleum jelly?

Vaseline can be used to do many things around the house. But do you know them all? 10 Tips presents you today 10 tips and home remedies to do with petroleum jelly.

Vaseline for chapped lips

Vaseline is an ideal home remedy to help soften chapped lips quickly. You can apply a thin layer of Vaseline directly to your lips during the day, quite simply.

Protect a tattoo with Vaseline

Since tattooing is a powerful and painful process for you and your body, petroleum jelly can help soothe your skin. Indeed, Vaseline makes it possible to scar the tattoo more quickly. Vaseline also helps maintain good flexibility in the skin where the tattoo is located.

Grow eyelashes with petroleum jelly

Did you know Vaseline can be used to grow eyelashes? This trick can be done overnight. Just apply a little Vaseline on the eyelashes before bedtime. After a few weeks, your eyelashes will be longer and thicker.

Soften the leather with petroleum jelly

Another use for petroleum jelly at home; soften the leather. Just apply a little Vaseline on leather shoes, on the sofa or even on a leather coat.

Avoid rust on tools

To prevent rust on your metal tools, you can apply petroleum jelly as a preventive measure. If rust is already present you must remove it before applying Vaseline.

The lock is frozen?

In winter it happens that the locks of the house and the car freeze because of the cold, the snow and the wind. A little trick is to put petroleum jelly in the locks. Dip the keys in petroleum jelly and insert the keys into the locks. A simple and effective trick to prevent locks from freezing this winter.

Soft feet with Vaseline

To have soft and smooth feet you can apply a thin layer of Vaseline on the feet and cover them with a sock overnight. One night is usually enough to see a marked improvement in the skin on the feet.

Vaseline to calm the irritation

If you resort to depilation of hair on the legs and other parts of the body, petroleum jelly helps to quickly calm the irritation of the skin in these places.

A makeup stain?

Did you just notice a makeup stain on a piece of clothing? Just apply petroleum jelly to the makeup stain to quickly remove it. Finish with a normal wash in the washing machine.

Vaseline massage

If you don’t have massage oil or massage powder at home, you can choose petroleum jelly to do the massage. In the end, a relaxing massage and soft, smooth skin.

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