10 tips for writing an apology letter

Need to write a letter to apologize?

When you experience a conflict with someone and you know that you have behaved badly with this person, taking the first steps by writing them a letter is always a good idea.

It is thus less embarrassing to write our true feelings there and the person can read the letter quietly while taking the time to reflect well. If you too have to write an apology letter, here are 10 tips that will help you not go wrong.

1. Be truthful and genuine in your apology letter

It is absolutely necessary to be true and not sound false! The person will think that you are not sincere otherwise! Be real, say the real things and simply let your heart speak.

2. Admit your mistakes… It’s a start!

Being able to admit mistakes is an act of courage in itself. If you are able to admit your mistakes, then your apologies will be totally true!

3. Explain your point of view

Explain why you acted that way in your apology letter. Explain how you see things and the person will be able to put themselves in your shoes more to understand your feelings.

4. Propose reconciliation

It’s a nice way to show your affection to the other. Show him how important his presence is to you and tell him how essential your reconciliation is to you.

5. Invite the other to share their feelings

Invite the other to tell you how she feels and how she felt at the time. Reassure her that you will listen and be completely respectful of her feelings and opinions.

6. Propose a meeting with the person

A meeting to discuss in person will be essential to truly resolve the conflict. A letter will not be enough of course.

7. Don’t stray, stick to the facts in your apology letter

In the letter, it is important not to scatter and talk about other problems or conflicts that have occurred in the past. Also, don’t talk about things that have no bearing in this present conflict. Stick to the basics and that’s it.

8. Don’t put it all on trial

In this apology letter, you are not suing anyone! You are there to apologize and attempt reconciliation! Do not forget it!

9. Offer common ground

You can propose a certain compromise between yourselves. Show that you are open to solutions and that you are ready to go your own way.

10. Conclude by apologizing again

End your letter by once again apologizing. Go back to the fact that you are sincerely sorry and apologize.

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