10 tips on the fear of cats

Do you have cat phobia?

Being afraid of cats is not something easy since it is a pet that many people have. Moreover, there are many who live on the streets! It is therefore a fear that you must quickly try to understand and deal with to avoid possible panic attacks. Are you afraid of cats and want to fight this fear? So here are 10 basic tips that will help you with your fear of cats.

1. Find the trigger for your fear of cats

To cure a phobia, you must first understand it and know where it comes from. So ask yourself what was the trigger that could have caused this. What is the cause of your fear of cats? If you can find this, it could greatly help you cure that fear of cats!

2. Learn more about cats

Understanding cats and knowing everything relevant to know about them could help you be less scared. Read on the subject. Books, encyclopedias, fact sheets, etc. Document yourself as much as possible on these animals.

3. Gently tame cats

The goal is to quietly get used to their presence. Go to someone who has a cat and start by staying in the same house first. Then try to be in the same room and each time try to get closer and closer.

4. Having a baby cat

A baby cat may pose less danger to you. He will be so cute and harmless. It will be up to you to take care of it and protect it. Maybe this process will help you be less afraid of cats later on.

5. Surround yourself with virtual cats

It may sound weird, but you can if you want to surround yourself with figures of cats. Pictures, posters, trinkets, stuffed animals, frames, etc. It will be a way of getting used to their image and what they represent.

6. See the good sides of cats

Make a list of all the good things about a cat. Write down absolutely everything that is positive, kind and representative of him. You will then only have to reread your list regularly to keep all your attention only on these facts.

7. See a psychologist for your fear of cats

Many psychologists or psychotherapists treat people’s phobias. Therapy to address this fear could actually be very beneficial to you.

8. Talk to a veterinarian

The veterinarian is a person who knows everything about cats. He will be able to enlighten you and explain many things to you about the behavior of the cat in general. This might reassure you.

9. Discuss on chat and/or phobia forums

By going to discussion forums dealing with cats or phobias, you can share your fears and anxieties with people who can help you, reassure you or simply listen to you.

10. Demystify your fear of cats

Earlier we were talking about putting your finger on the trigger that could have set your fear in motion, but now we are talking more about understanding your fear from A to Z. Why, when, how, where, what you feel, what scares you the most, etc. Ask yourself all these questions to do a thorough analysis of your fear of cats.

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