10 tips to attract butterflies

Do you like to admire butterflies in the summer?

Butterflies are both beautiful and colorful insects that are loved by everyone. They inspire freedom, lightness and summer. So how not to love them?

Would you like to observe them more? So here are some tips to attract butterflies to your garden this spring and summer.!

1. Warmth and good smells to attract butterflies

Place aromatic herbs in the sun and you will increase your chances of seeing butterflies.

2. Honey plants

These plants, which have a substance found in honey, are very popular with butterflies.

3. Just water

For example, by having water in your garden or in your yard, in a calm and warm environment, the butterflies will like to quench their thirst there.

4. A very attractive flower

Helianthus microcephalus is a flower much loved by butterflies. A little trick to attract butterflies that works really well!

5. Have a big garden

Butterflies love flowers so if you have a large flower garden in your yard, you will definitely see beautiful butterflies flying over it.

6. Banana peels and butterflies

Hang banana peels high up to attract butterflies to your garden.

7. Sugar water

Place bowls of sugar water around your garden to attract butterflies.

8. Fertilizer

This is a special set of 24 different flowers that attract butterflies.

9. A diverse garden to attract beautiful butterflies

The more different kinds of flowers and plants you have in your garden, the more you will increase your chances of seeing butterflies.

10. Unmistakable Flowers

Echinacea and goldenrod are flowers that are also popular with butterflies.

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