10 tips to attract wealth

How to attract money and wealth into your home?

To be well in life, you also need to have some money. Money allows you to survive and if you have plenty of it you can spoil yourself and offer yourself things that live up to your dreams and ambitions.

Everyone wishes to have more money and it is completely normal, especially in our time. To help you have more money, here are 10 rituals to attract wealth and money.

1. White magic ritual to attract money

Many white magic rituals exist to attract money and wealth into one’s life. You can buy white magic books in bookstores, esoteric shops or even on the web.

Be careful, you must absolutely avoid using black magic to attract wealth and money into your life. Black magic rituals can be dangerous, it is to be avoided!

2. Elephants with their trunks up

It is said that elephants with their trunks in the air attract money and abundance. So surround yourself with small statuettes or trinkets of elephants in order to have more money and attract wealth and abundance in your life.

3. Filling the Abundance Check to Attract Wealth

Take a check and fill it out as usual, making sure to address it to yourself. Where you should write the amount of money, write paid in full and sign the check writing The Law of Abundance. Complete this check on the day of the new moon and repeat the experience on occasion.

The abundance check is a ritual that has been proven to attract money to you as you can discover here: How to fill in check of abundance?

4. Sleep with a silver bill under your pillow

Before going to sleep, put some money under your pillow to attract more wealth into your life. A Little Trick To Attract Wealth And Abundance That Really Works!

5. Invest your money in the right places

To attract wealth in the near future, take care to invest in the right places and it could pay off big one day. Unfortunately, investing in real estate, the stock market or others requires a lot of knowledge, time and money.

6. Buy lottery tickets… Any idea?

Many people complain that they never win the lottery. And when asked if they ever buy tickets, they say NO. To increase your chances of winning one day, you have to buy some occasionally, at least. But beware, the lottery is also a spending of money and not a ritual to attract wealth.

7. Have respect for money

Money is secondary in a certain sense, but at the same time, it gives you well-being in many areas in addition to giving you a certain quality of life.

Don’t take money lightly and do anything with it. Nor should it be taken for granted. Have respect for your money and fate will reward you well.

8. Use a pyramid at will

It is a small pyramid that can be purchased in an esoteric shop. On this pyramid is a small door that allows you to insert a piece of paper on which you will have written a wish. This wish could therefore be linked with money and wealth.

A simple little trick to have more money and a lot of wealth in your life.

9. The subconscious to attract wealth

The subconscious is much stronger than one might think. Focusing very hard on your desire for wealth and visualizing with all your might the money you want to have could have very positive repercussions for you.

10. Pray to Vulcan, the God of Money in Greek Mythology

This Roman god is, among other things, the god of fire, volcanoes and metals. But he is also the god of money. Address your prayers to him so that wealth takes hold of your life. A magical ritual that may allow you to have more money and wealth in your life.

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