10 tips to be in a good mood in the morning

In a good mood or marabout in the morning?

It’s easy to say I’m going to get up in a good mood tomorrow morning, but in reality and in practice it’s much more difficult.

If you want some good advice, 10 Tips offers you today 10 tips and ideas to always be in a good mood in the morning or almost.

1. Go to bed earlier to get up in a good mood ?

The best trick to being in a good mood in the morning is to get a good night’s sleep. To do this you must of course go to bed earlier to have a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. Below 8 hours of sleep, lifting the body the next morning is likely to be painful and laborious.

Want to be in a good mood tomorrow morning? Go to bed early tonight!

2. Leave windows open

If the temperature allows it and if you live in a place that is not too urban, leave the windows open at night for a peaceful awakening the next morning. What could be nicer than waking up to the chirping of birds or to the sound of the wind in the trees or the light rain falling on the roof of the house?

3. Let the morning light enter the bedroom…

Much like the previous tip, you can let the morning light into the bedroom. Simply leave the window curtain or blind ajar. There’s nothing like waking up to daylight and not the annoying sound of a dial in the morning.

To be in a good mood in the morning, quickly find another way to wake up than the loud and aggressive sound of an alarm clock!

4. Programming the coffee machine

If you love coffee and need your little cup in the morning why not program your coffee machine the night before so that the coffee comes out when you wake up in the morning?

Imagine waking up in the morning in a good mood thanks to the sound of the machine turning on and the smell of hot coffee flowing in the kitchen…

5. Prepare everything the day before

If you have children you know that preparing breakfasts and lunches for school takes time in the morning so why not prepare everything the night before, before going to bed?

The simple fact of getting up in the morning and remembering that all the dinners are already ready in the fridge and that the fruits for breakfast are already all cut up will quickly make you smile and in a good mood this morning. ? ? ?

6. A few minutes just for you!

Why not set up a little morning ritual, a little routine just for you? Whether it’s a 10-minute walk outside when you get up, a little reading or even having a coffee on the terrace, these are all ways to be in a good mood in the morning.

If you think you’re running out of time you can simply get up a little earlier… It’s worth it!

7. Take your time in the morning

Better to get up earlier in the morning and take your time afterwards than to get up later and be in a rush to do everything. So avoid snoozing the alarm clock at all costs because you risk being even more in a bad mood when the time comes to really get up.

8. A good lunch to be in a good mood

Both for your health and your good mood in the morning, breakfast is really the most important meal of the day, never forget it! If you have to make time for something in the morning, it’s your breakfast!

9. Being positive is essential to being in a good mood!

How do you want to be in a good mood if you are always or almost negative when you wake up in the morning? It can be difficult for many, but you absolutely must succeed in transforming this negative into something positive.

10. Make an effort to be in a good mood!

If despite all our tips and ideas for being in a good mood in the morning you still can’t do it, then maybe you’re the problem! It’s important to make an effort in life, and being in a good mood is also an effort for many, so force yourself a little in the morning to be smiling despite everything.

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