10 tips to be more feminine

How to be more feminine? Being more feminine isn’t just about looks, beauty and fashion, it’s so much more than that!

I therefore share with you in this article some good tips and advice to help you be more feminine.

1. What exactly is a feminine woman?

I don’t particularly like to give a definition, but if we had to describe a feminine woman then I would say that’s what we all are! ?

But if we go a little further I would say that being feminine is that:

  • Femininity is above all an attitude and not only the beauty of women via make-up and the choice of clothes.
  • She is a woman who is comfortable with her body, her mind and who chooses to be feminine for herself and not to please others!

Well now that you know my point of view on this subject let’s move on to tips and tricks to be more feminine and good in your body.

2. Hair and hairstyle to be more feminine

The choice of haircut and hairstyle is an important choice to make if you are looking for a way to look more feminine.

But what cut and hairstyle for women to choose?

  • Medium and long hair is preferred.
  • The hair with beautiful and big curls.
  • Shag hair is very trendy and feminine in 2021.
  • The glamorous square on short hair.
  • Red ombre colored hair.
  • The bun with big curls.

Of course always ask your hairdresser or hairdresser for advice and above all choose a haircut with which you are perfectly comfortable.

3. Fashion, clothes and accessories to be more feminine

Of course, to be more womanly, more feminine, the choice of clothes is another important element to take into consideration.

Here are some ideas for clothes and accessories for women:

  • A pretty dress: A pretty dress emphasizing your curves without being outrageously tight, will highlight your femininity and your body. If you are not comfortable wearing a dress or a skirt, we simply let it be.
  • Wearing heels: Have the subtle gait thanks to the magic of high heels. Without wearing stilettos, a heel about an inch high will enhance your legs and your figure.
  • To wear jewellery: jewelry such as pretty sparkly earrings, a white pearl necklace or a pretty golden bracelet on the wrist or ankle are also an excellent choice.

4. Choose the right perfume for women

The perfume is still very popular with women and men, but there is no need to choose a fragrance that is too “strong” and “powerful”.

Indeed, there is no need to leave a strong trail of perfume in its path to be feminine. Just wear a discreet fragrance that suits your personality and style.

What perfume to wear for women?

The choice of perfumes for women is very numerous, but know that it is important to choose a quality perfume, especially not counterfeits which are of very poor quality.

Floral and light fragrances are always very popular with women and young women. So if you had to make a choice, I would personally opt for a floral and subtle fragrance.

How to perfume yourself well?

Did you know that fragrances need body heat to exhale well? So choose these parts of the body to perfume yourself:

  • neck
  • behind the earlobe
  • the neck
  • wrist

5. A nice natural and discreet makeup

Makeup is another important part of a woman’s femininity, isn’t it!?

But contrary to what many young women think, it is useless to bet everything on makeup… On the contrary, makeup that is both natural and discreet is to be preferred in 2021.

Ditch the “too heavy” makeup!

So there’s no point in wearing too heavy makeup, not only is it bad for the skin, but you’re also hiding some of your natural attributes.

Opt for a discreet makeup highlighting your pretty facial features. If necessary, do not hesitate to consult a professional make-up artist who will advise you in your choices.

How to make up well?

If you are looking for makeup tips and advice then this other article is worth reading: Tip for a successful make-up.

6. Have beautiful hands

Certainly, nicely manicured and soft hands will make a very good impression when it comes time to shake hands with a new acquaintance.

Nails neither too short nor too long, covered with a varnish in sober shades will give you a feminine hand. It is not necessary to encumber them with rings to highlight them.

Finish gently by wrapping your hands in a lightly scented moisturizer.

How to have very soft hands?

If you want to discover my beauty tips for having beautiful smooth and soft hands, it’s here: How to have very soft hands?

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