10 tips to become a mermaid

How to become a real mermaid?

Do you dream of becoming a superb mermaid? Are you ready to do anything to undergo your transformation? Well, here are 10 tips that can help you achieve your dream!

For it to work, you have to believe in it and visualize your dream very strongly! And very soon you will be able to go swimming wherever you want in your new world!

The 10 tips to become a mermaid easily:

1. Invent a transformation machine

Do you remember the movie “Dream Creature”? When two young people create the perfect woman thanks to an improvised technological invention? Among other things, they use photos of previously chosen women in order to give the desired physical appearance to their future dream woman. Recreate this machine and plug it into your own body. So you can become a beautiful mermaid. But don’t forget to go rent the movie first! To see a little the concept of this superb machine.

2 Perform white magic

To become a mermaid, you can try to find a ritual of white magic or even the ritual of any witch in order to be able to transform yourself. If you can’t find one, invent a ritual yourself by asking the forces of nature and the Gods linked to water or the sea to help you in your transformation.

3 Concoct a special potion

You can search the web for special recipes to become a mermaid. You will no doubt have to collect several elements, but once you have found everything, you can concoct these magical recipes for transformation.

4 Praying Saint Mirodade

This is the revered patron saint of mermaids. She can help you become a mermaid. With lots of prayers and special services, you may be able to receive a good helping hand from him.

5 Resurrect Ariel By Self

Ariel, in The Little Mermaid (from Disney), is undoubtedly the most famous and beloved mermaid among children. By listening to her movies over and over again and doing visualization or even energy transfer, you may be able to successfully reincarnate as Ariel!

6 Salt water to turn into a mermaid

On a full moon night, dip your legs ten times in very salty water. Wait 60 minutes and start again. Wait half a day and do it again to turn yourself into a real mermaid.

7 Drinking A Mermaid’s Shot

Find a photo of the mermaid that inspires you the most and burn it. Then, pour the ashes from the photo into a tall glass of water from a clean, drinkable waterfall and drink your glass of water. You will have within you the mermaid you want to become. Get a good night’s sleep and the next day a tail may have pushed you.

8 Be one with the fish

Eat fish, drink fish flavored drinks, sleep with fish, use fish as soap, brush your teeth with fish meat, in short, do as much as possible with fish. With each of your actions, say these words: “Fish you are, Mermaid I want to become. Together we will be one”.

9 Live Like A Mermaid

You can also choose to live the life of a mermaid. Get a faux mermaid tail installed. Spend all your days in the water. Sing songs and befriend fish, crabs and shellfish.

10 Teleporting His Soul Into The Body Of A Fish

Retrieving a dead fish from the sea. Place it on a table, light some candles that you put around and pour a few drops of your blood on the eye of the fish. Then say these words: “It is with my human blood and your fish body that we will make one for eternity.

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