10 tips to become popular

How about being the most popular?

To become popular, it takes some effort. You shouldn’t just stand there waiting for others to come to you. Sometimes it can be harder than expected.

So here are some tips that will help you become popular with others. Becoming popular on Twitter, Facebook or Youtube is possible!

1. Socialize with others and fit in well

To become popular, of course, you have to have friends and make yourself known. So be open to meeting new people and get out of your bubble to get closer to people.

2. Register on social networks

Networks such as Facebook or Twitter make it possible to be seen, heard and to have lots of friends. It’s easy to be popular on Facebook or Twitter! You have to be present, active and demonstrate how much you have a beautiful personality that deserves to be known! So will you be the next Facebook star or the next Twitter star?

3. Be unifying to become popular

Be proactive and show leadership. Be the one who organizes parties, events and meetings. You will quickly become popular if you do this.

4. Stand out from the crowd

To get noticed, you often have to stand out from the crowd. Do you have any talent? Well it’s time to show it to others! People will hear about you and want to know that cool person who does what they do so well.

5. Be there for others to be popular

To be remembered, do not hesitate to offer your services on occasion. Helping others can also help you become known and popular with others who, let’s face it, will be delighted to know you.

6. Play between strong personality and mystery

If you have a strong and beautiful personality, everyone will want to own your company. But also know that mystery often breeds curiosity. People are curious by nature so they will also want to know more about you.

7. Speak loud and clear while knowing how to listen

To get noticed, you must of course come out of your cocoon and not be afraid to speak loud and clear. Talking too much to get attention, on the other hand, could make you come across as selfish or self-centered. Knowing how to listen restores balance. It is important to listen to others. Knowing how to listen is a great quality that others will greatly appreciate.

8. Be yourself… The most important thing

To become popular, you must actually know how to display yourself and demonstrate a dazzling personality that will please others. But you also have to be yourself. Because others will not love you for what you project, but for what you are deep down. The strong personality will serve to attract them to you. But then, you will have to make yourself known in a real and true way.

9. Invite others into your world

Inviting others into your world, into your home, or to share a passion can also help with having friends. They will feel appreciated enough to be part of your universe and this feeling is always a great pleasure.

10. Nurture friendships

Making new friends and becoming popular is one thing, but maintaining that popularity also requires nurturing friendships. You have to take care of your friends to be able to keep them for a long time. Popularity sometimes happens very quickly, but it can also shatter just as quickly.

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