10 tips to calm an anxiety attack

Lots of people have anxiety attacks unfortunately…

More and more people around the world are having anxiety attacks. The latter are very difficult to live with and can even present a certain handicap in everyday life. You never know when they happen and when they do, you feel panicked.

You can feel dizzy, have difficulty breathing, feel nauseous, your heart beats fast and you feel like your head is stuck in a box that is suffocating you. It’s hardly pleasant! Here are 10 tips that will help you calm an anxiety attack.

1. Go outside for fresh air to calm down

When you have an anxiety attack, you often feel like you’re running out of air. To find some inner calm, go quickly and get some fresh air outside. You’ll feel a little more liberated and walking might also calm you down.

2. Go take a shower to calm anxiety

To get out of your anxiety attack, you can also go take a cool shower. The flowing water will soothe you and calm your anxiety. If the water is a bit cold, it will calm your negative and distressing ardor. Water represents purity and is a good ally to guide you to the very source of inner peace.

3. Go lie down to manage your anxiety attack

This trick can sometimes work and other times not. But it is worth to try it. Go to bed in your bed to relax as much as possible. Find peace around you. Put a cold towel on your forehead, breathe normally and think of images that calm you down.

4. Chew gum

When we are nauseous, we sometimes tend to chew gum. It makes us feel good for several physical and psychological reasons and one of them is that it makes us feel a bit calmer. We chew the gum and focus on it and it feels good.

5. Take deep breaths

When we have an anxiety attack, our heartbeats accelerate a lot, we have even more difficulty breathing well and that makes us even more nauseous. This is why it is important to regain a normal rhythm. To do this, start quickly by taking deep, long breaths that will help calm you down psychologically, but also physically.

6. Consult a doctor for better understanding

There are medications that can be taken as needed to calm panic and anxiety attacks. They can help you calm down quickly. On the other hand, one should not become dependent!

7. Avoid stress to avoid anxiety attacks

Of course, if you are easily at risk for anxiety attacks, it would be better to avoid stress at its maximum! Do not put too much on your shoulders and also avoid walkabouts when you feel more fragile.

8. Clinging to someone you love

This gesture will make you feel safe and less alone. The comfort of this person could very well manage to quickly calm your anxiety attack!

9. Exercise to relieve stress and anxiety

Sport is very good for relieving stress and therefore reducing anxiety attacks. Exercise regularly and you will feel stronger morally.

10. Hug an animal

Many studies have shown how animals can soothe many things in humans, psychologically. If you have a pet, hug it and try to calm down with it.

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