10 tips to give hair volume

How to give more volume to the hair?

Women like to have volume in their hair. The cuts are then prettier and it provides a more beautiful general effect of the hair. But unfortunately, when you have straight and flat hair, it is sometimes more difficult to obtain the desired volume.

10 Tips can help you! Here are our 10 tips and products to give volume to the hair.

The 10 tips to have volume in the hair:

1. Sleep with wet hair

It’s simplistic to say, but if you sleep with wet hair, it is certain that the next morning it will be much more voluminous. Take care, however, not to sleep with your hair flattened under your head. Instead, position your hair upwards to give even more volume to the hair.

2. Put rollers in your hair

Hair rollers are used to curl hair. But if you want to have more volume, you can also use them. To do this, you wrap the base of your hair (near the root) around the roller without however wrapping the entire wick. Just do a half turn and your hair will have a lot more volume.

3. Dry hair upside down for more volume

When drying your hair with your blow dryer, do it upside down. So your damp hair will dry like it was in the air and once it’s down it will hold more volume than just blow-drying the hair down.

4. A shampoo that gives volume

Many shampoos are designed specifically to add volume to hair. But what shampoo really gives volume to the hair? Always choose a silicone-free shampoo as it will tend to weigh your hair down. Also avoid 2 in 1 shampoos which are never effective when it comes to giving more volume.

If you want a shampoo that really gives volume then turn to Revlon with its Amplifier Fiber Mousse shampoo, perfect for giving a lot of volume.

5. Conditioners weigh hair down

Conditioners are great products for detangling hair, but they weigh hair down way too much. As it weighs down the hair, the volume is unfortunately much reduced. To give volume to the hair, you must therefore avoid using conditioners or even 2-in-1 shampoos.

6. Use beer to add volume

Are you interested in a homemade recipe to give volume to hair? For more volume, rinse your head with a mixture of 1 cup beer and 3 cups water. Rinse your hair well afterwards. Your hair will finally have more volume thanks to this little beer-based recipe.

7. Use dry shampoo spray

This type of shampoo allows you to wash your hair when you don’t have time to do it in the shower. So it is just a shampoo that is sprayed on and cleans your strands quickly. But in addition to cleaning your hair, these dry shampoo sprays give more volume to flattened hair.

8. Backcomb your hair for volume

To have more volume on the top, don’t hesitate to backcomb your hair section by section. To do this, the ideal is to take a comb and crimp the wick from the bottom up. Then, put a bit of hairspray to hold everything together.

Be careful not to exaggerate because yes the backcombing gives volume but this technique can also damage your hair.

9. Use styling mousse

Mousse is the ideal styling product to add volume to the hair. It contains polymers that give volume to your hair all day long.

10. Have a gradient in the hair

If you want volume in your hair, but you have long, straight and flat hair, it will be much more difficult. To have volume, you will need to have a slight gradient on the top which will then allow you to have volume and a more puffy effect on the top of the head.

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