10 tips to have a perfect complexion

How to have a perfect complexion naturally?

Having a beautiful, clear and even complexion reflects health, youth, beauty and joie de vivre. Besides, everyone would like to have a beautiful, perfect and natural complexion, but unfortunately it doesn’t always happen naturally.

It is often necessary to make a few small gestures to achieve a nice complexion. 10 Tips today offers you good tips for getting a perfect complexion.

Tips for a clear and perfect complexion:

1. Thoroughly cleanse and moisturize your skin for a perfect complexion

To be beautiful and healthy, your skin must absolutely be well maintained. The first step to do this is to always cleanse your skin well and then moisturize it well. Cleanse your face morning and evening with a good cleanser as well as a make-up remover if you wear make-up and then apply (morning and evening as well) a good moisturizer.

It is the ideal routine to adopt to have a pretty clear, uniform and naturally perfect complexion. Cleansing and moisturizing the skin, two steps to remember.

2. Use a makeup base

Most girls apply their foundation directly to their skin. Well know ladies that if you apply before a make-up base your complexion will be much more uniform in addition to fixing your foundation well.

3. Use foundation

Of course, putting on foundation is a great way to have a beautiful complexion. On the other hand, it is imperative to choose the shade that will go perfectly with the natural color of your skin. Thus, you will have a beautiful uniform complexion with a more natural appearance.

4. Apply foundation well

It is important to apply foundation evenly to your face and neck. Once applied, it is important to blend it well to remove the excess. Never put on too much foundation and otherwise, if you want to put on a second layer, do it lightly by simply dabbing with your fingers.

5. Apply blush

The blush also gives the impression of having a beautiful natural complexion and neutral at the same time. Make yourself beautiful natural cheekbones for a young and naughty complexion. Who said blush is out of fashion these days?

6. Use concealer for a pretty complexion

By using the concealer, you will not only be able to camouflage dark circles and bags under the eyes, but also hide blemishes all over your face. Several Youtube tutorials exist on the subject.

7. Sunbathe… But not too much!

Having a tanned complexion always gives a beautiful glowing complexion filled with life. Taking a little sun will therefore be very beneficial for the beauty of your complexion, but be careful not to take too much. An overly tanned person is never pretty and anything but natural. And above all, the sun can be harmful to your health, so pay attention to your sunbathing.

8. Bring luminosity to your complexion

There are creams or makeup products that illuminate the skin. The luminosity of the face is also a great way to demonstrate a beautiful, youthful and radiant complexion. Whether in powder or cream form, it is possible to buy very good make-up products to illuminate the face in stores or online.

9. Always protect yourself well from the sun

Taken in small quantities, the sun can bring a very beautiful complexion to your face. But taken in exaggeration, the sun can not only age the skin prematurely, but also give it pigment spots and increase its chances of getting cancer. Every day, it will therefore be very important to always protect your skin well with a good sunscreen. If you don’t go outside much, at least choose a moisturizer with sun protection inserted into it.

10. Exfoliate the skin well for a perfect complexion

Performing facial exfoliations several times a week will remove dead cells and deeply cleanse your skin to give it a radiant appearance and a much clearer and more luminous complexion.

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