10 tips to have less hair

How to have no more hair or less hair?

Body hair is hated by everyone and more so by women. We all wish we had less or even better, no hair at all! Alas, we must fight nature since hair is part of us and of the whole human race!

Luckily, we’re smart and found several ways to stop those hairs from growing back. 10 Tips therefore offers you these tips and tricks that can help you have less hair.

1. Stop hair from growing with a pumice stone

We know the trick of pumice stone to have beautiful skin on the feet but did you know that it can also be useful to have less hair, and this, naturally?

How to stop hair from growing? So if you are looking for an effective way to prevent hair from growing back on your legs and arms, the pumice stone is the solution. Just rub it gently on the arms and/or legs to make the hair more delicate.

Over time you should have a lot less hair and maybe no hair at all, so what are you waiting for to try the pumice stone?

For those who want a quality pumice stone of a good size, here is one available right here:

Volcanic pumice stone

Volcanic pumice stone

  • To exfoliate dead skin and remove calluses
  • Useful for removing hair naturally
  • Natural and effective tip to test in the shower

2. Bleach your hair naturally

So how to bleach your hair naturally and effectively? Of course, bleaching your hair won’t make you less hairy. On the other hand, the hair and the down will be paler and therefore less apparent thanks to the discoloration.

This means that you will give the impression of having much less hair on your legs, arms or even on your face at the level of the mustache. How about a homemade recipe for hair bleaching?

Here is the list of ingredients for this homemade recipe:

  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar

Continue bleaching recipe:

  • Mix the 3 ingredients well
  • Apply the mixture to the facial hair
  • Leave on for 15 minutes
  • Rinse with lukewarm water without soap

It is necessary to repeat several times for several days to achieve the natural discoloration of the hairs. You should see a difference after about 4-7 days.

For other hair discoloration tips and tricks I recommend my other article: How to bleach your hair naturally?

3. A hair bleaching cream

Of course you can also opt for the purchase of a real bleaching cream to quickly bleach the hair on the arms, legs and face. This type of product has the advantage of being much faster to bleach hair, both on the body and on the face.

Here is a bleaching cream from Veet that bleaches the hair on the arms, legs and down on the face. Its main advantage is that the results are visible very quickly, in just a few minutes.

I therefore invite you to read the opinions of users and also to compare with the other bleaching creams available right here:

4. Reduce your hair naturally

If you like to test grandmother’s recipes and remedies, we have one to help you reduce hair on your body and face. Before preparing and applying this hair removal recipe, you must remove hair with the method of your choice.

For this home remedy you need:

  • 5 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 3 teaspoons fine salt
  • 2 teaspoons of milk

Then apply this homemade mixture on the parts of the body where you want to reduce the hairiness. Don’t forget to wax your hair before applying the mixture to your arms or legs, for example. Repeat the process for 3 consecutive days.

If you take the time to do it again after each hair removal, after several sessions the hair will have shrunk considerably. An excellent trick to naturally eliminate hair on your legs, arms, mustache, etc.

Homemade recipe to have less hair and hairiness

5. An oil to prevent hair from growing back!

Do you know tiger nut? This is a plant which is widespread in Africa and which contains very interesting cosmetic properties. In fact it is the roots of tiger nut that are widely used in the development of various cosmetic products.

In addition to being very effective against redness and pimples, tiger nut oil helps to greatly reduce hair regrowth once hair removal is complete on your legs and arms.

Here is this tiger nut oil that will help you limit the regrowth of your hair after your usual hair removal session:

Nutsedge oil

Nutsedge oil

  • Limits hair regrowth
  • Helps reduce redness and pimples
  • Tigernut oil 100% natural

6. Avoid shaving and depilatory creams to have less hair

This advice may seem somewhat contradictory, but if you really want to reduce hair regrowth and above all make your hair thinner then shaving is not the right thing for you.

Shaving or waxing is a great way to quickly remove hair, but unfortunately it will grow back very quickly. And that’s not the only downside to shaving as the hairs actually get stronger and thicker over time and shaves and therefore more difficult to remove.

So if you want to have less hair or simply make the hair thinner it is better to find other hair removal techniques than shaving or depilatory creams.

do not shave your legs to have less hair

7. Pulsed light hair removal, you know?

If you want an effective method to have less hair on the face, legs, arms and even at the level of the jersey then the pulsed light epilator may be interesting for you girls! Both women and men can use IPL hair removal to control body and facial hair.

But as with any other hair removal technique, it will be necessary to go back to work in order to control the regrowth of hair on the body. If you don’t have the time to epilate once in a while then perhaps laser hair removal is more suitable for you.

Pulsed light epilator

Pulsed light epilator

  • Up to 92% hair reduction in 3 sessions
  • For the face, body and bikini area
  • TOP quality price

Regardless of the solution used for bikini line and leg hair removal, small pimples may appear. Here is an article to read about it: Button after shave on legs and bikini line.

8. Slow hair regrowth with soy

soy for hair regrowth

Did you know that some people can have hormonal imbalances and because of this they will necessarily have more hair on their body and face.

If this is your case, you can of course consult the advice of a health professional to find out if there are effective treatments to control this type of hormone in your body. If not, there is also a 100% natural trick to significantly increase your estrogen levels in your body… Soy!

Indeed, soy is a natural and effective remedy to increase the female hormones of your body and thus reduce hair growth on the legs, arms, face and other parts of the body.

Here are some foods to eat:

  • Soy milk
  • soybeans
  • Soy flour
  • Tofu
  • Soy drinks

So to reduce your hairiness and thus have less hair, you can eat these foods more often.

For other tips on hair regrowth I recommend this other article: Slow down hair growth.

9. Have less hair with permanent hair removal

There are 2 main permanent hair removal techniques: laser hair removal and electrolysis. If you want to get rid of body hair then this is the solution for you. Of course who says permanent hair removal also says high cost!

Electrolysis to have less hair

Electrolysis is a technique used by beauticians finally to stop the hairs so that they no longer grow back. The technique consists of sending an electric current which destroys the hair follicle. You will need 7 or 8 electrolysis sessions before the hairs are completely destroyed and each session can cost around $30 to $60 per hour.

This is without a doubt the best trick to get rid of hair on your legs or elsewhere on your body. But as mentioned above the cost is relatively high.

Use laser to remove hair

Technicians qualified in laser hair removal will take care of giving you hair removal treatments. These treatments consist of destroying the hair follicle using a diode laser. You will need 8-10 sessions and the prices are quite high. You could pay up to $200 for about half a leg. But in the end you will save precious time because the hairs no longer grow with this hair removal technique.

Pulsed light

Finally, if you prefer an almost permanent hair removal technique that you can do yourself at home, then pulsed light is the solution. We were talking about it a little earlier.

10. Choose waxing

Waxing will be good for having less hair because firstly it will take longer to grow back. Then, when you remove your hair with the wax, the entire hair will be pulled out, including the follicle as well. This means that the hair will take longer to grow back and will be a little thinner.

If you had to choose between the waxing technique and shaving, it is more advantageous to use the waxing technique to stop the hair from growing quickly.

It doesn’t matter what type of wax you buy for waxing, beading, pebbles or otherwise, it’s important to melt it properly. To do this, you must use a wax heater. This is the most popular wax heater on Amazon right now.

Hair removal wax heater

Hair removal wax heater

  • For body and facial hair removal
  • Arms, armpits, mustache, bikini, etc.
  • Simple and effective to use against body hair

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