10 tips to help the poor

How to help the poor?

Poverty is unfortunately part of our reality today, in fact it has always been. On every street corner are poor people struggling to survive day in and day out. Helping them can make a difference, but how do you really help people in need, people who are really poor?

10 Tips offers below some tips, advice and ways to help the poor people around us.

Tips and advice to help the poor:

1. Donate your clothes… A nice gesture!

We all have clothes in good condition that we no longer wear or that no longer suit children. Instead of throwing them away, it is better to give them to those who really need them. Many organizations that help the poor or thrift stores exist. Going there to wear your clothes will help a lot of people in your area.

2. Give your time to help poor people

Many organizations that help poor people exist. For these organizations to continue to exist, they need volunteers who will help them pursue their mutual aid mission. Giving your time to help the poor makes a big difference.

3. Fundraise

You can do a fundraiser to raise money for the poor. Be careful though, you must notify the chosen organization so that they can give you instructions and support you because people are now afraid of being defrauded when it comes to collecting money to help people.

4. Give non-perishable food

You can also donate non-perishable food baskets to food aid organizations to help poor people. If you know families or people who have little money, you can also go directly through them to help them.

5. Buy winter accessories and distribute them on the street

Many homeless people live on the streets. Winter is a hellish situation! Why not go to a $1 store or grab winter items you already have at home and hand them out to people on the street? Believe me, they will be happy to receive mittens, toques and scarves.

6. Educate young people about poverty

You have children and you want them to learn how to help their neighbors? Why don’t you help them organize a car wash and then redistribute the money raised to the poor?

7. Prepare lunches for the poor

You can get together and concoct sandwiches or lunches that you distribute in the street. Of course, you will have to invest time and money, but it could be a commitment activity that you do once a year.

8. Offer help to poor families

Many single mothers work hard and have several children. You can simply help them by giving them a hand for free with the children or with the housework. A help that will certainly be greatly appreciated.

9. Give monthly money to organizations that fight against poverty

You can sign up for a monthly payment plan to donate a little money each month for the poor.

10. Help street workers

You can encourage street workers (people who sell the route or wash car windows, for example).

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