10 tips to keep vampires away

How to keep vampires away?

Are you afraid of being attacked by a vampire and you don’t know what to do? You sleep at your parents’ house, you jump at the slightest noise and the simple fact of seeing a little blood makes you dizzy? Well don’t worry anymore, you can get away with it!

10 Tips offers you 10 tips and home remedies to quickly ward off vampires!

The 10 tips to keep vampires away:

1. Protect yourself with daylight

Don’t want to get bitten by a vampire? Well, never go out at night because vampires love this time of day to walk around. Make your life during the day and as soon as it gets dark go quickly and hide in a very isolated place. No more night owl life if you don’t want to come face to face with a vampire.

2. Wear a crucifix

Protect yourself from vampires with a pure silver crucifix that you will have previously had blessed by a priest. Wear it around your neck and it will provide instant and permanent protection for you against vampires. You now know what to ask for Christmas to quickly get vampires out of your life. Yes wow :):):) it feels good!

3. Holy water to ward off vampires

Vampires don’t like holy water. Always keep a well-filled flake of this holy water that repels vampires on you or on your nightstand next to the bed. If a vampire approaches you, throwing them in the face is a great way to scare the vampires away. And if necessary, take whole baths in this special water to protect you for life.

4. A professional vampire hunter

To protect yourself against all the bloodthirsty vampires that are likely to jump on you at any time, call in a vampire exterminator! He will protect you and eliminate any vampires that attack you. You can hire Blade, Buffy, Van Helsing, Abraham Lincoln, and Selene, among others. Um, I think many of you will be going to the video store soon. ? ? ? Happy vampire hunting!

5. Eat lots of garlic

Having very strong garlic breath and using cloves as decorations all around you at home and at work can help you drive away vampires. Garlic is not liked by vampires and therefore will give you some protection. Greek cuisine should therefore be on the menu at home to quickly keep vampires away from your home.

6. Make friends with a priest

The priest can also protect you against vampires. Make friends with a priest who is strong, believing, protective and above all anti-vampire. He will be a great help if you ever need to quickly get a vampire out of the house.

7. Make the neck both inaccessible and unwanted

To avoid any vampire bites, protect your neck. Wear very thick clothes that are very difficult to access and put on as much perfume as possible with the fragrance of flowers, especially roses. To do this, choose a cheap and low-end perfume. In short, an old aunt’s perfume that smells full of toxic to scare away vampires and other undesirable characters from your life.

8. Have a pet wolf

Quickly sell your dog and run to buy yourself a wolf. He will be a loyal and protective animal against any vampire that roams around you! Look carefully, I’m sure you’ll find beautiful, good, inexpensive ones at the local pet store. ? ? ?

9. Impersonate a Vampire

Rock a vampire look and they’ll think you’re part of their world. They will not attack you. A word of advice, avoid Dracula disguises because they know very well who the real Dracula is.

This book is ideal for people who are inexperienced and want to keep vampires away. It will give you good advice on how to keep vampires away. It will become your new personal bible for driving the vampires out of your life once and for all.

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