10 tips to make marble shine

How to make marble shine?

Marble is a chic, elegant but also fragile material. It is therefore necessary to take care of it so that it remains beautiful and shiny for many years. But in addition to its beauty and cleanliness, we like it to be shiny and clean and above all not dull.

10 Tips offers below tips and tricks but also products to clean and shine the marble. Happy cleaning!

1. Shine the marble with black soap

So how do you make marble shine? Simple, you have to start with a good cleaning of the marble surface. How do you expect to make marble shiny if you don’t take the time to clean it every once in a while?

So for a nice clean and shiny look of the marble you can use black soap. You just have to mix lukewarm water with a little black soap. Use a soft cloth or a brush with very soft bristles to clean the marble surface.

If you don’t have black soap at home then here is one from Marius Fabre with olive oil. A very popular liquid black soap and appreciated by users.

Liquid black soap

Liquid black soap

  • 100% natural soap for the home
  • Multi-purpose cleaner and stain remover
  • Replaces all your cleaning products

Black soap is also effective for granite and other natural stone surfaces as you can read here: How to clean granite?

2. Sprinkle talc on the marble

If you are looking for a good trick to make marble shine quickly then we may have the solution for you, talcum powder! Be careful because this trick is only good for making the marble shine and not for cleaning it.

For this trick you will need:

  • Sprinkle talcum powder all over the marble.
  • Wipe with a soft cloth to gently polish the surface.
  • Make circular movements to optimize shine.

A very good trick to make the marble shine quickly. Be careful not to damage or scratch the marble surface if it is very fragile.

shine marble with talcum powder

3. Rub marble with oil

To make marble shine very quickly but temporarily, olive oil or other vegetable oil is very effective. For example, you can use olive or vegetable oil to remove grease stains on marble but also on other surfaces such as granite or quartz.

Here’s how to shine:

  • Soak a cloth in olive oil
  • Rub the marble with the oiled cloth
  • Rub again with a soft cloth to remove excess oil

In the end, a shiny and well-lustred marble counter like at the very beginning. Do not use water as you may cause stains and rings of dried water to appear on the marble.

4. Make marble shine naturally

shine marble naturally with milk

Another 100% natural trick to make marble shine is to use milk… yes yes milk! This milk-based trick is effective for marble but also on slate surfaces that have become dull over time.

  • Pour some milk on a cloth
  • Scrub and wash the marble surface
  • Wipe with a dry cloth to finish

This is a natural and quick trick to shine a marble floor or simply a kitchen counter for example.

I also recommend this trick for slate but also other tricks like those you will discover by following this link: How to clean slate?

If you prefer commercial cleaning products then you can buy shine milk or wax milk in stores. Shine milk is designed to restore luster and shine to different surfaces including marble.

shine milk

shine milk

  • Cleans and revives the shine of marble
  • High protection for natural stone
  • Easy to apply and without rinsing

Has your marble floor been dull and lackluster for some time? If you are looking for an effective way to restore shine and make tarnished marble shine, polishing remains one of the best solutions. Here’s a grandma’s trick for concocting your own recipe for polishing marble.

You need to:

  • 2/3 pumice powder
  • 1/3 baking soda

How to polish the surface:

  • Apply the mixture of the 2 products on the marble
  • Make circular movements during the application.
  • Rinse the surface well after polishing.
  • Dry the surface to thoroughly clean and shine the marble.

Once again, be careful not to damage the marble with excessive friction or too much baking soda, for example. It is always best to test the product on a small area of ​​marble before polishing the entire surface.

6. Marble wax

Another trick to make marble shine quickly is to use a special wax for this type of surface. I suggest using a liquid wax that will be easy to apply to marble.

It is important to go there delicately in order to make the marble floor shine as when it was installed. The wax makes the marble shine but above all protects the surface from dust and other dirt.

You can also use car wax to wax a marble floor, but be careful not to damage the marble surface with the wrong wax. It is always important to test the product on a less visible surface to begin with.

Here is a liquid marble wax available online right here and which allows you to easily wax marble but also other natural surfaces.

Marble wax

Marble wax

  • Marble, natural stone and stone agglomerates
  • Protects and polishes marble
  • Easy to apply and easy to maintain

7. Dishwasher rinse aid

To restore the shine to marble, dishwasher rinse aid can be very useful in addition to being easy to apply.

All you need to do is clean the marble with water and a bit of dishwasher rinse aid to make it shine brighter. Use a soft cloth to gently scrub the marble with this dishwashing product. Prefer circular movements to clean and polish the surface.

Cleaning liquid

Cleaning liquid

  • Eliminates streaks and white deposits
  • For maximum shine
  • TOP quality price

8. Cleaning marble with white vinegar… NO!

Attention, it is really very important never to use white vinegar to clean the marble! Whether it is to clean a floor, a counter or other types of marble surfaces forget the use of white vinegar, is it included?

cleaning marble with vinegar

Watch out for grandmother’s remedy sites that mention nonsense because it’s not uncommon to come across this vinegar-based cleaning tip. Never use vinegar on marble… Ever!

8. Terre de Sommières to remove stains

If you still do not know the soil of Sommières, it is high time to discover this multi-purpose and above all natural cleaning product. This product has been used for a very long time and can even replace a multitude of cleaning products around the house.

Here’s how to use this product to clean marble:

  • Mix Sommières earth with a few drops of turpentine
  • Mix well until you get a kind of paste
  • Apply with a small sponge on the marble
  • Insist where there are stubborn stains to remove
  • Leave to act overnight
  • Rinse and thoroughly dry the entire marble surface

This is a particularly effective trick for removing greasy stains from marble and other natural stone surfaces.

land of sommiere

land of sommiere

  • Cleans and stains dry
  • Multi-use and multi-tasking
  • TOP quality price

9. Use linseed oil for marble

Another trick to make marble shine quickly is to use linseed oil. This oil works wonders to restore luster and shine to marble.

To make the marble shine while ensuring good protection, rub it with a soft cloth soaked in linseed oil. Just a few drops of linseed oil depending on the marble surface to be cleaned to make it shine and protect it again.

linseed oil

linseed oil

  • nourishing treatment
  • 100% linseed oil
  • Protects and beautifies

If you are also looking for tips for a quartz worktop then come and read my other article on this subject: How to clean quartz?

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