10 tips to make the visit go away

The visit sticks to the house… What to do?

Who has never experienced this kind of scenario? You have visitors, you spend a pleasant evening, but the hours pass and pass again and it is terribly late, but the guests show no sign of imminent departure. Fatigue takes over your body and your mind, you can’t take it anymore and all you want is to go to bed!

But no, the guests don’t notice anything and don’t move! What a nightmare! To prevent such a thing from happening, here are 10 tips that will finally make the visit go away!

1. Be honest with your guests!

You can if you want to ask your guests to leave! You have the right! The important thing is to do it with tact and courtesy! You can simply tell them that you are sorry, that you had a great evening, but unfortunately it is getting late and you are now feeling extremely tired! Guests will understand!

2. Yawn as often as possible

Yawning, rubbing your eyes or having your eyes half closed are signs of fatigue! If you demonstrate these gestures often, your guests will understand that now is the time to let you rest.

3. Watch your watch repeatedly

If people see you constantly looking at your watch, they will also have had the reflex to check the time and that’s how they may realize for themselves that it’s getting late. Do it towards the end of the evening of course, because if you do it from beginning to end, you will make others feel bored!

4. Be aloof, moody and disinterested

Here are other ways to show others that you are tired! These are signs that do not lie and that will make your visit go away!

5. Make the late night boring and actionless

If you don’t do any animation or any sequence of conversations or activities, the evening will quickly fall flat and the guests will leave little by little.

6. Make the house uncomfortable

You can either make it too cold or make it too hot. I would advise you to make it too hot. If you opt for the cold, it won’t be long before someone asks you to turn up the heat. Whereas if it’s too hot, people will start to feel suffocated and feel bad (especially from alcohol) and they will be even more tired and want to get out of the house quickly!

7. Pretending to be sick

If you show up sick or even worse, contagious, the guests will leave there very quickly too!

8. Unsettle people

Make your clown and impose challenges that will make your guests very uncomfortable!

9. Phone someone who in turn will phone you to…

You know what I mean? You phone someone on the sly and ask them to call you back in 5 minutes. When the phone rings, you answer it in front of your guests and simulate an emergency that requires you to leave.

10. Pretend to fall asleep on the couch

Seeing you sleeping soundly on the sofa, the guests can only realize that it is late and that it is obviously time for them to let their host go to sleep!

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