10 tips to make your car shine

How to make your car shine?

When you have a nice car and you drive around, you like that car to be both clean and shiny! Summer is the perfect season to show off your beautiful sporty car. ?

Several small tricks as well as many products will allow you to make the bodywork sparkle and shine the paint of your car as well as the wheels and the windows. 10-trucs.com therefore offers you the top tips and products to make your car shine.

1. A wax to polish and shine your car

Put a little wax on a cloth and rub the body of the car with it. Your car will shine like a new car. Be careful to read the instructions carefully first because improper use of the wax can on the contrary remove the shine from the paint on the car, so be careful.

Do you want to buy a wax to shine a car right now?

Here is the perfect wax to provide a brilliant shine to the bodywork and to bring out the color of your car. In the box you have a microfiber cloth and an applicator pad provided. So here is the popular Meguirs Ultimate Wax at a great price:

Ultimate Wax Shine Wax

Ultimate Wax Shine Wax

  • Brilliant and lustrous shine
  • Easy wax application
  • Does not bleach plastics

2. Wash your car gently for incomparable shine

To make your car shine, it is important to wash it gently and above all with good cleaning products and accessories so as not to damage the bodywork.

When washing your car, always use soft sponges or cloths to avoid scratching the bodywork and removing shine from the paintwork. Find out from a professional to buy the right cleaning products according to the type of bodywork and paintwork of the car. Making a car shine is easy, but so is the reverse!

You can also choose to purchase a microfiber wash mitt. Here is a set of 2 washing gloves at the best price:

Microfiber wash mitt

Microfiber wash mitt

  • Fast and efficient car cleaning
  • Anti-scratch, lint-free and non-abrasive
  • Machine washable glove
  • TOP quality price

Once the car wash is finished you can use a special cloth designed for drying and polishing the car. Ideal for polishing and shining your beautiful car in white, black or other colours.

Polishing cloths

Polishing cloths

  • Ideal for car polishing and drying
  • For drying windows, polishing paint and cleaning the interior
  • Can be used with wax, varnish and cleaning product
  • TOP quality price

shine the headlights of his car

How about a quick and easy trick to make car headlights shine? Toothpaste… Yes, you read that right. ?

To succeed with this homemade toothpaste trick, here is what to do:

  • Spread toothpaste on the headlights
  • Cover the entire surface of the car headlights
  • With a soft cloth rub the headlights with the toothpaste
  • Rinse and dry well to finish cleaning

Toothpaste is effective but several other tips, tricks and products can be used as you will find out here: How to renovate car headlights?

4. Use high pressure washing

To thoroughly clean the car and make it shine like a new car, pressure cleaning is undoubtedly the ideal solution.

Of course you can go directly to a service station or washing company for such pressure cleaning but or else buy a high pressure cleaner. There are models of high-pressure cleaners that can be used both for the car but also to clean the terrace and exterior coating.

Here is a model of high-pressure cleaner from the Bosh brand that can be used for the car but also to clean the terrace and other surfaces.

Bosch pressure washer

Bosch pressure washer

  • Washing of the car and the terrace
  • Several accessories to clean everything
  • Low water consumption
  • Large cleaning capacity

In addition to quickly making your car shine, high pressure cleaning is very useful for cleaning the front and rear bumpers as well as the underbody.

5. Shine a black car with a chamois

Do you have a black car? You probably know then that it is very difficult to remove all water stains and dirt on a car with a black bodywork. The chamois leather is undoubtedly the best solution to shine and shine a black car but also all other dark colors. All you need is mild car soap and a chamois leather to dry and shine the bodywork.

Black cars and other very dark cars are often difficult to clean well. There are soaps and waxes specifically designed to clean and shine a black car so you can use them before drying off with that chamois.

Here is a set of quality suede chamois for washing, drying and polishing the car:

chamois skins

chamois skins

  • Pressure delivered max. 130 bar
  • Power consumption 1,700 w
  • Maximum flow 370 l/h
  • Hose length 6 m (pvc)


  • Genuine suede chamois
  • Without fluff and without traces on the bodywork
  • Soft, stretchy and highly absorbent

 » ]

6. Use a furniture duster

The furniture duster you know? This product polishes and dusts the surfaces of your furniture, so why not use it to polish your car?

Beware, this trick can damage your car’s paint so use this trick carefully! You can also book this cleaning tip to make your old car shine and not your new car.

So there you have it, the furniture duster is a very effective little trick to make a car shine. Spray a little of this furniture product on a microfiber cloth and rub the car. It will shine even more once the wash is finished.

Be sure to use a dust remover that is not too strong as it will damage your car’s paint and bodywork. Better to test the product on a small area to make sure that the paint reacts well to this product.

7. Shine your car with a polisher

Washing a car is one thing, but getting the bodywork to shine like a new car is a little more difficult. This is why using a polisher can be a good idea to polish your car quickly with a good quality wax.

For those who are just starting out, why not buy a complete kit to clean, polish and shine a car?

Here is a polishing machine for the car as well as a multitude of accessories and sponges included in the package:

Polisher and accessories

Polisher and accessories

  • Car polishing and waxing
  • Adjustable speed from 2500 to 6300 rpm
  • Easy and quick to use

8. Never use dish soap on your car!

You can read on various automotive forums sometimes dangerous advice for the paint of your car. One of the most popular is dish soap. And yet it’s really not a good idea!

Dishwashing soap can actually give good results for cleaning and shining a car, but you risk biting your fingers with it in a while. Over time, if you continue to wash with dish soap, your car’s paint will lose all of its luster and become dull. It is therefore to be avoided!

If you have a black-colored car, this dish soap trick is all the more to be avoided. You have been warned!

9. Remove water stains from the windows

There are several products to wash and shine car windows, but there is also a very simple homemade recipe. If you want to easily remove water stains from the windows, a simple mixture of water and vinegar is very effective.

  • Simply mix equal parts water and vinegar
  • Then spray generously on the windows and the windshield
  • Then clean with a soft cloth to remove traces of water and other dirt on the car windows

This trick of water and vinegar is also very effective for washing the shower glass or even the windows of the house.

If you prefer to use a product specially designed to wash and shine car windows, here is one:

Meguiar's Glass Cleaner

Meguiar’s Glass Cleaner

  • Anti-fog formula with long-lasting clarity
  • Can be used on all windows
  • Anti dirt, traces of smoke, insects, sap and other dirt

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