10 tips to protect the environment

Protecting the environment is important!

We have one planet of our own and it’s up to us to keep it beautiful and healthy. To do this, we can simply start by making small daily gestures that will ultimately make a difference. Here are some good tips to follow to protect the environment. Environmental protection: it concerns us all.

1. Worry about packaging

Our decision to choose one product over another will often be related to price, aesthetics or the brand of the latter. To do your part to protect the environment, it is also important to care about the packaging of the product. The packaging used (quantity, type, etc.) is very costly for our planet. So choosing products packed by recyclable packaging or in smaller quantities is undoubtedly a good tip to protect the environment.

2. Switch off electrical appliances

People are so used to being constantly surrounded by electrical devices that they end up blending in with the crowd. Without realizing it, the televisions remain on, the radio is playing, the lights are on, the computers too, in short, everything is on without being used. Remembering to turn off lights and unused appliances is a good way to save our energy and thus help our beautiful planet.

3. Move to pollute less

Putting aside your car and walking or taking a bike is a wonderful way to counter pollution! Not only are you helping the earth, but you are also helping yourself since exercise benefits you as well. And if you don’t drive anymore, you can at least use public transport or carpooling.

4. Adopt fabric bags

It doesn’t always show, but the number of paper or plastic bags used in our consumer world is staggering. Imagine all those bags circulating, being thrown away or lying around all over the planet. It’s incredible. So to help our trees, the environment and counter pollution, using fabric bags is a good way. In addition, you will always have your bags at hand and you can use them as you see fit.

5. Buy electrical appliances that consume less

More and more household appliances consume less energy. Getting these kinds of products is a completely different way of also doing your part for the environment. Feel free to shop around for brands and options.

6. Reduce consumption

People consume a lot and that’s normal. The problem is not there, but is rather in the phenomenon of overconsumption. By consuming in this way, we throw away more, we waste more and this is another sad way of harming our environment. Consuming in moderation is therefore a good option.

7. Buy used things

Instead of throwing away your old furniture or your old clothes, if they are still in good condition, why not donate or exchange them? What is no longer good for oneself does not automatically mean that he will not know it for another. Swapping things out instead of throwing them away and wasting them is another good way to pay attention to our planet.

8. Use compact fluorescent bulbs

These bulbs last longer and save energy. Take care to install them everywhere in the house and you will see the good that they will also do to your electricity bills.

9. Do not throw anything in the trash

It is important to recycle of course, but it is also important to pay particular attention to what you throw in the trash. It is absolutely necessary, for example, to avoid throwing strips of paint, batteries or toxic or aerosol products.

10. Make good use of your washer and dryer

Another trick to protect the environment is to limit washing loads, to avoid filling the washer with water when it is not necessary and to choose to dry your clothes on a clothesline or rack rather than using the dryer.

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