10 tips to reduce inflammation

How to quickly reduce inflammation

Inflammation can spread in different ways and it is very important to control it, whatever it is before it gets more complicated. Whether it’s your skin or your limbs that show inflammation, several methods exist to reduce it.

10 Tips therefore offers you 10 simple but effective tips and remedies to reduce inflammation.

The 10 tips to reduce inflammation:

1. Cold to reduce inflammation

Apply ice to the swelling in bursts of 15 minutes. You can also take lukewarm baths or cold showers to help reduce the pain caused by inflammation and make you feel better.

2. Elevate the swollen limb

By elevating the part of your body that has inflammation, you will drain fluids which will be very beneficial in reducing inflammation. Whether it’s in the knees, feet or back, the simple act of elevating will quickly calm the inflammation.

3. Take antihistamines for inflammation

Antihistamines, sold in pharmacies, will be very effective in reducing inflammation in your body. Ask a health professional who can suggest what is best for inflammation.

4. Avoid scratching

If you scratch or rub too much, you will make your condition worse. Also wear loose clothing to avoid scratching, which will increase inflammation.

5. Remove foreign objects

If you have something in your skin that is causing swelling, it will be important to remove it quickly to prevent further inflammation. Take sterilized forceps and remove the object in question. Clean the wound with soap. Consult a doctor if the object is too deep.

6. Avoid aspirins

Aspirins are anti-inflammatories, but they can also increase swelling since they stimulate bleeding. Once again, do not hesitate to seek advice from a health professional.

Properly protect hands and body

Some toxic products will cause skin inflammation. Therefore, always protect your hands with gloves when using such irritating products.

Check purchased products

New clothes, new detergents, new soaps… There are all sorts of new products that could cause inflammation in different parts of the body. If you feel any discomfort while using them, stop immediately so as not to make the situation worse.

Apply hydrocortisone cream

This cream will relieve minor inflammation as well as the itching caused by it. You can seek the advice of a medical professional to choose the right hydrocortisone cream.

Treat Cellulite with Heat

For cellulite-related inflammation, the application of heat may be beneficial. Simply wrap warm towels over the affected areas to reduce the inflammation or at least control it.

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