10 tips to refine the size

How to have a nice size?

It is pleasant for a woman to have a nice, thin waist. Beautiful well-defined hips, a flat stomach and sexy curves, this is the kind of body that many women and young women want.

10 Tips offers you here 10 tips to quickly refine and have a nice size.

1. Eat well to slim down your waistline

It is not enough to cut fat and sweets to refine the size and lose belly. You should also eat a lot of fiber to promote your transit. Thus, you will lose weight in the belly and waist. Fiber is found in fruits, vegetables and cereals. Also, all foods with omega 3 will also help you slim down your waistline. Also drink green tea to drain and detoxify yourself. Food has a big role when it comes to having a nice hourglass figure.

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2. Drink plenty of water to slim down the waistline

Not only is drinking plenty of water good for your health, but at the same time it reduces your water retention. Many people retain water and therefore have a more bloated appearance in both the belly and the waist. Drinking plenty of water will do you a lot of good while flushing out toxins in your body.

And why not drink green tea?

Green tea drains the body and eliminates its toxins. It’s a great slimming agent to test.

3. Have good posture

And yes, standing straight can strengthen your abdominal belt and therefore have a nice thin waist. Whether you’re standing or sitting, proper posture is very important to build muscle and slim your waistline. Make a habit of keeping your back straight whether at work, at home or at school.

4. Use slimming creams

Several body creams exist to help you slim down your waistline. Of course, we must remain realistic! You won’t lose dozens of pounds. On the other hand, these creams will help firm the skin around your waist and fight cellulite. Ask your cosmetician or beautician for advice on choosing the right cream for you.

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5. Exercise your obliques

Here is a very simple exercise to perform to refine the waist. Take a broom, sit on a small bench and place the broom behind your head, leaning well on both of your shoulders. Put your hands on each end of the broom and rotate your upper body from left to right for 10 minutes. Then repeat the exercise but going from right to left. It will be very good for slimming your waist and tummy.

6. Choose dark, fitted clothes

For example, if you wear large white t-shirts, it will be difficult to see your size and especially to give the impression of having a thin waist. To demonstrate a slim waistline, wear fitted clothes instead and choose dark, slimming clothes.

7. Wear a sheath to slim down the waist

The word sheath scares all women and that’s normal. But yet, we are no longer that big beige sheath that our grandmothers wore in time to refine the waist and belly, quite the contrary. Nowadays, sheaths are much sexier, flirtatious and stylish than before, to the delight of women.

Wearing a sheath can therefore effectively help you slim down your waist and have a smaller belly on a daily basis.

8. Do sit-ups

Sit-ups will work your abs and therefore your waist. Your belly will therefore be flatter and firmer. Fat will turn into muscle and your waistline will be stronger and slimmer than before.

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9. Dancing to have a nice size

Very active dance such as aerobics or Zumba works a lot on all parts of the body and therefore your waist. According to the movements you will make, it is certain that your waist will become slimmer and you will lose weight all over the place.

10. Have Liposuction

If you really have a round waist due to a flabby belly or falling due to pregnancy or too much weight loss, you can of course have recourse to liposuction. Of course, this is expensive and it is never without risk. But it’s still an effective way to quickly slim down the waistline.

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