10 tips to relax

What to do to unwind and relax? With the stressful life we ​​live every day, it is important to learn to relax, to put yourself on standby, to calm down, in short, to relax. It has been proven that stress is highly detrimental to health, so taking some time to relax is a good idea.
I therefore offer you some tips and tricks to relax and quickly feel relaxed and relaxed. Happy relaxation!

Tips for relaxing:

1. Take time to breathe

With the rhythm of life that we have every day, we are always on the run and we are half breathing. We breathe for survival, but taking the time to pause and breathe deeply is also important. When you are out of breath, take a few minutes, see a few seconds, stop, close your eyes and inhale while holding your breath and then exhale very slowly.

Repeat this exercise a few times and you will immediately feel all the good and calm flowing through your body and mind. An effective and quick relaxation trick to practice every day!

2. Have a hot drink

Sitting for a few moments while gently drinking a hot drink relaxes and relaxes all the senses. Whether it’s a lemon-scented tea or a good chamomile-based herbal tea, for example. You will quickly feel the warmth of these drinks to rest your body and bring you much appreciated well-being. Tea is relaxing, that’s a fact!

3. Take a walk to relax

Relaxing doesn’t just mean resting. Moving and getting some fresh air also allows you to relax and savor sweet moments of peace. Going outside for a long walk relaxes the mind and stretches your body. Once back, you will be less tense, less stressed and much calmer. You will also have much clearer ideas.

4. Take a hot bath to relax

Everyone knows it, this thing is infallible to relax. Taking a hot bath relaxes the head and the whole body. Don’t just take a bath. Transform this moment of yours into a moment filled with warmth and peace. Add relaxing oils to your water, light some candles or play some soft music. You will be so relaxed that staying awake may even be difficult.

Relax in the shower:

Another good way to relax is to take a hot shower. If you can, adjust the shower spray to be gentle on your body. Stand with your back to the water jet and simply relax. It is important to clear your head, to think of absolutely nothing.

5. Relax with laughter

Laughter does a lot of good. It allows you to release tension and constitutes a good cardio which is of course very fun. Laughing is good and makes you feel much lighter afterwards. You can laugh with friends or while watching a good comedy, why not?

6. Get a massage to relax

Indeed, what is more relaxing than a good massage? Massage relaxes muscles, joints and even the brain feels the benefits. If you don’t go for a massage in an institute, you can also improvise massages with friends or as a couple.

Having your back stroked, playing with hot and cold, using soft textures, objects and massage oils are good ideas to enhance the pleasure of the massage. Massage, certainly the best thing to relax!

Massage your head to relax:

Did you know that head massage can help you relax and think more clearly? Simply pat your scalp from front to back with your fingertips.

7. Make time for fun

Nowadays, we sometimes forget to have fun. Having fun allows you to forget about problems, obligations and all the other stressful stuff. When having fun, we think only of ourselves. Our heads go blank and we become like children again. What better way to relax then? Take the time to have fun, even to play! Whether with video games, board games, sports or outdoor activities, it is certain that you will come back very relaxed.

8. Meditation as a relaxation trick

When you do meditation, you forget about everything else and just focus on yourself. We refocus on ourselves and we listen to our little voice. We take the time to breathe, to stop, to relax and we take stock. Meditation is an activity that one should integrate into one’s life on a regular basis to relax. Its benefits are exceptional.

9. Take refuge with nature

Nature reflects the natural, the source of life and peace. Recharging your batteries in the forest, near water or on a mountain is a good way to relax. Leaving the hubbub of the city, the noise and the population for a bit is always a great good in itself. Taking the time to listen and watch what mother nature gives us for free is a wealth that is at your fingertips.

10. Keep a personal diary

Sometimes we need to clear our hearts or take stock. It’s not always easy to confide in others and anyway, keeping a secret garden is important. Keeping a journal allows us to free ourselves from our darkest thoughts, to cry out our pain and to bring out in words these emotions that well up inside us. Taking the time to write down and get the bad guy out is another good tip to follow to relax and take your mind off things.

Visualization to relax:

And yes the simple fact of visualizing or thinking of a calm and peaceful place will help you relax, overcome your fears, relax and even flourish. So, what are you waiting for to practice visualization?

11. Relax well in the bedroom

Is your bedroom really well-appointed for relaxation? The choice of colors is very important. Opt for green or even blue. Blue and green, ideal for calm, relaxation and comfort. Also, don’t leave anything lying around in the bedroom.

How to sleep well?

It may seem easy to say, but the simple act of getting a good night’s sleep can be extremely beneficial to you. To do this, choose a good mattress, a good pillow, forget the television in the bedroom and finally pay attention to the air quality in this room. A well-ventilated bedroom, neither too hot nor too cold, is ideal for relaxing and sleeping well.

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